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Vorlesung Ankündigung

Introduction to Bionanotechnology

Tuesdays, 5. DS (14:50-16:20, lecture) in Seminarraum (B1), Max Bergmann Zentrum, Budapester Str. 27

  First meeting: Tue 08.04.14, 14:50, MBZ      

title:Introduction to Bionanotechnology
uni code:
type of lectures:Modulvorlesung
given by: G Cuniberti
schedule:2014SoSe Tuesdays, 5. DS (14:50-16:20, lecture)
course language:English
room:Seminarraum (B1), Max Bergmann Zentrum, Budapester Str. 27
credits:Studenten des Studiengangs Molecular Bioengineering, Studenten des Studiengangs Nanobiophysics, Studenten des Erasmus Mundus Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Austauschstudenten, Studenten und Doktoranden der Werkstoffwissenschaft, Interessierte Physik- und Medizinstudenten höherer Semester
summary:The course summarizes the most important developments in the field of nano- and biomaterials, as well as focuses on the innovative tools used for investigations and characterizations in a field of bionanotechnology. The course represents a modular structure:

Module 1 (materials): nano- and biomaterials for biotechnology; synthesis, physical and chemical properties, applications (environmental,medical)

Module 2 (tools and applications): Micro fluidics and nano fluidics as a tool for bio nanotechnology; modeling approach: computing with biomolecules

Module 3 (techniques): using molecules as building blocks (DNA origami), scanning probe techniques for bionanotechnology

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