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Vorlesung Ankündigung

Applied Bionanotechnology (210)

Thursday 5. DS (14.50-16.20) Lecture, Thursday 6. DS (16:40-18:10) even weeks Exercises in ZEU/260/H (lectures), ZEU/146/Z (exercises)

  First lecture: Tue 16.10.2014, 14:50, MBZ      

title:Applied Bionanotechnology (210)
type of lectures:Modulvorlesung
given by: G. Cuniberti, J. Thiele
lecturer: G. Cuniberti
schedule:2014WS Thursday 5. DS (14.50-16.20) Lecture, Thursday 6. DS (16:40-18:10) even weeks Exercises
course language:English
room:ZEU/260/H (lectures), ZEU/146/Z (exercises)
credits:students of Molecular Bioengineering
interested physics- and medical students higher semesters
summary:The topics of the lecture course, in brief:
  • Introduction on solid state materials and semi-conductors
  • Biosensors based on nanomaterials
  • Fabrication and application of colloidal particles
  • Nanostructured biomacromolecules
  • Commercial biological assays vs. cellular life
  • Super-resolution microscopy
  • Microfluidics: Continuous flow and emulsions
  • Lab-on-a-chip systems
  • Synthetic biology, artificial life and ethical issues
  • Characterization at the nanoscale via SAXS

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