Vorlesung Ankündigung 2018SoSe

Applied Nanotechnology 1: Environmental Nanotechnology ()

2018SoSe, Thursday 3. DS (11.10-12.40) in room 115, Hallwachsstraße 3

  First lecture: Th 12.04.2018, 11:10 Uhr

lecturer:G Cuniberti
credits:Students of Materials Science, Nanobiophysics and PhD candidates
summary:The course will give an introduction to nanomaterials and the positive and negative impact that they can have on the environment and human health. Therefore, we will present both the problems and the potential solutions arising by the interaction of nanomaterials with the environment. Therein the impact of nanomaterials on water (e.g. photocatalysis), soil and air contamination/decontamination and on human health (nanotoxicology and bio-applications of nanomaterials) will be covered.
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