Vorlesung Ankündigung 2020SoSe

Introduction Bionanotechnology ()

2020SoSe, Thursday (13.30-15.00) Lecture, Friday Practical Course in Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials, Seminar room 1 (Ground floor)

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lecturer:J. Thiele
credits:Students of Molecular Bioengineering
interested students of chemistry, physics and medicine in higher semesters
summary:The topics of the lecture course, in brief:
  • Cytoskeleton and cellular machines from an engineering perspective
  • Biosensors based on nanomaterials
  • Microscopy: From basics to super-resolution
  • BNT: Fields of application
  • Active and passive transport in cells
  • Additive manufacturing and BNT
  • Biomicrofluidics: Continuous flow and emulsions
url:for ToC, literature, questions, comments etc. please visit the web site given below.