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Vorlesung Ankündigung

Applied Nanotechnology 1: Environmental Nanotechnology

Monday 3. DS (11.10-12.40) in room 115, Hallwachsstraße 3

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title:Applied Nanotechnology 1: Environmental Nanotechnology
type of lectures:Modulvorlesung
given by: G Cuniberti, M. Sgarzi
schedule:2020SoSe Monday 3. DS (11.10-12.40)
course language:English
room:room 115, Hallwachsstraße 3
credits:Students of Materials Science, Nanobiophysics and PhD candidates
summary:The course gives an introduction to nanomaterials and their positive and negative impact on human health and the environment. The following topics will be covered:
  • Drug delivery
  • Multimodal imaging
  • Nanotoxicity
  • Nanoremediation
  • Nanopollution

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