Vorlesung Ankündigung 2009WS

Seminar current topics in materials science: Sensorics - from microelectronic applications to novel sensing concepts in bioelectronics (110) (131421)

2009WS, Fridays 09:20-10:50 in room 115, Hallwachsstraße 3

  Vorbesprechung: Fri 16.10.2008, 09:20 Uhr, HAL 115
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lecturer:Florian Pump

Tentative list of subjects

  • Basics of scientific presentation (Dr. J. Kunstmann, TU Dresden)
  • Microelectronic sensor applications (Dr. N. Thyssen, Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH)
  • Complex sensor and actor systems (Prof. Dr. G. Gerlach, Institut für Festkörperelektronik, TU Dresden)
  • Sensors for space application (Prof. Dr. S. Fasoulas, Institute for Aerospace Engineering, TU Dresden)
  • Novel sensors based on nanotechnology: overview
  • Carbon functional devices: potential for sensorics
  • Nanowires: synthesis & characterization
  • Nanowire-based sensors: functionalization and application as biosensors
  • Nanoparticles: synthesis & characterization
  • Nanoparticles: functionalization and application as sensors
  • Nanopores: principle
  • Nanopores: sensoric applications
  • Cell sensorics
  • DNA-based sensors

rules of the game

  • For each topic basic literature will be provided.
  • Participation in the seminar is obligatory.
  • Presentations will be graded according to: understanding, quality of the presentation, ability to discuss the results, ability to ask questions.
  • Presentations: 45 min., followed by 45 min. general discussion.

    Concept papers and presentations: projects wiki

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