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2001.01.21:Electron Transport on the Molecular Scale (transmol)
(2001.02.23-24, Dresden, Germany)
2002.05.15:Nanotubes & Nanostructures 2002*
(2002.09.23-28, Frascati by Rome, Italy)
2002.11.15:Functional Renormalization in Interacting Quantum Many-Body Problems
(2003.03.10-21, Dresden, Germany)
2002.11.30:MRS Symposium K: Molecular-Scale Electronics and Optoelectronics
(2003.04.21-25, San Francisco, USA)
2002.12.24:Third Conference of the ESF programme Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computing: Advances in quantum information processing: from theory to experiment
(2003.03.15-22, Erice, Italy)
2003.01.06:Nanotubes and Nanowires
(2003.08.03-08, San Diego, USA)
2003.01.10:Chaos and Quantum Transport (296. WE-Heraeus Seminar)
(2003.03.23-27, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2003.01.15:International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE-9)
(2003.05.25-28, Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio Catone (Rome), Italy)
2003.01.17:4th IFF Spring School: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics
(2003.03.10-21, Jülich, Germany)
2003.01.31:XVIIth international winterschool on electronic properties of novel materials: Molecular Nanostructures
(2003.03.08-03, Kirchberg, Austria)
2003.02.15:International Workshop: Classical and quantum barrier transport in complex systems
(2003.05.20-24, Dresden, Germany)
2003.02.15:11th International Conference on Narrow Gap Semiconductors
(2003.06.16-20, Buffalo, New York, USA)
2003.02.24:CeNS winterschool: Current Issues of Nano-Bio-Science*
(2003.02.24-28, Mauterndorf, Austria)
2003.02.28:13° International Conference on Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors
(2003.07.28-01(08), Modena, Italy)
2003.03.01:The Applied Statistical Physics: Molecular Engineering Conference (ASTATPHYS-MEX-2003)
(2003.08.24-29, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
2003.03.10:Krupp-Symposium "Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Atomic and Molecular Junctions"
(2003.07.07, Konstanz, Germany)
2003.03.15:Off-Shell Effects in Quantum Transport
(2003.03.10-21, Dresden, Germany)
2003.03.15:Field Theory in Condensed Matter and Particle Physics (HERAEUS Workshop)
(2003.06.02-06, Dresden, Germany)
2003.03.28:IEEE-Nano 2003
(2003.08.12-14, San Francisco, USA)
2003.03.31:7th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME 2003)
(2003.09.10-14, Avignon, France)
2003.04.02:National Nanotechnology Initiative
(2003.03.02-04, Washington, USA)
2003.04.02:Computational Approaches for Simulation of Biological Systems
(2003.07.02-13, Urbana, USA)
2003.04.10:NORDITA Summer School on Strongly Correlated Electrons*
(2003.06.15-23, Hilleroed, Denmark)
2003.04.15:Quantum Transport and Correlations in Mesoscopic Systems and QHE
(2003.07.28-22(08), Dresden, Germany)
2003.04.15:International Congress on the Applications of Density Functional Theory in Chemistry and Physics
(2003.09.07-12, Brussels, Belgium)
2003.04.15:Synthetic Receptors 2003
(2003.10.15-17, Lisbon, Portugal)
2003.04.19:International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT03)
(2003.07.07-11, Seoul, S. Korea)
2003.04.30:4thWilhelm and Else Heraeus Summer School: Fundamentals of Quantum Information Processing
(2003.07.20-02(08), Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany)
2003.04.30:Tenth international conference on composites engineering (ICCE/10)
(2003.07.20-26, New Orleans, USA)
2003.04.30:First International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS 2003)
(2003.10.13-18, Badajoz, Spain)
2003.04.30:The 3rd International Symposium on Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems
(2003.11.03-08, Sendai, Japan)
2003.05.01:International school of physics ``Enrico Fermi'': the physics of complex systems (new advances and perspectives)
(2003.07.01-11, Varenna, Italy)
2003.05.05:Fundamental Problems of Mesoscopic Physics
(2003.09.06-11, Granada, Spain)
2003.05.15:International school of physics ``Enrico Fermi'': the electron liquid paradigm in condensed matter physics''
(2003.07.28-08(08), Varenna, Italy)
2003.05.15:Nanofair 2003
(2003.11.20-21, Dresden, Germany)
2003.05.31:7th International Conference on Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures (ACSIN-7)
(2003.11.16-20, Nara-ken New Public Hall, Nara, Japan)
2003.06.02:Electronic Transport in Molecular Systems
(2003.06.02-05, Lyon, France)
2003.06.02:11th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology
(2003.10.10-12, San Francisco, USA)
2003.06.08:Spin and charge transport in nanostructures
(2003.09.01-05, Braga, Portugal)
2003.06.11:12th MEL-ARI/NID Workshop
(2003.06.24, Cork, Ireland)
2003.06.11:Trends in Nanotechnology (TNT2003)
(2003.09.15-19, Salamanca, Spain)
2003.06.13:Second Meeting for The Nordic Project Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
(2003.06.12-14, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2003.06.15:Jortnerfest: celebrating Joshua's 70th birthday
(2003.06.15-17, Tel Aviv)
2003.06.19:2003 MRS Fall Meeting
(2003.12.01-05, Boston, USA)
2003.06.30:Jülich Soft Matter Days 2003
(2003.11.18-21, Kerkrade, The Netherlands)
2003.07.01:DPG school: Molecular Electronics
(2003.09.14-19, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2003.07.07:Electronic Properties of Organic Semi-conductors
(2003.07.07-11, Leiden, The Netherlands)
2003.07.08:CELLS 'N CHIPS. An den Schnittstellen zwischen Natur und Technik
(2003.07.08, Munich, Germany)
2003.07.13:Ringberg Workshop on Dynamic Fracture
(2003.07 .13-17, Ringberg Castle (Bavaria), Germany)
2003.07.13:Prof. Marcus-Symposium
(2003.07.13, Munich, Germany)
2003.07.15:XIII Workshop on computational materials science
(2003.09.13-18, Geremeas (Cagliari), Italy)
2003.07.20:Ab initioElectrons Excitations Theory: Towards Systems of Biological Interest
(2003.09.21-24, San Sebastian, Spain)
2003.07.20:Dynamics of Interacting Electrons in Quantum Wires
(2003.09.27-04(10), Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain)
2003.07.30:1. Conference on Functional Nanostructures
(2003.09.29-02(10), Karlsruhe)
2003.07.31:2003 Nano Summit
(2003.07.31, Houston, USA)
2003.07.31:Canadian European Research Initiative on Nanostructures (CERION): 2003 Workshop
(2003.09.03-05, Bilbao, Spain)
2003.08.01:Internal Workshop of the Center for NanoScience
(2003.09.28-30, Kloster Seeon am Chiemsee, Germany)
2003.08.11:Hot Topics in Quantum Statistical Physics: q-Thermodynamics, q-Decoherence and q-Motors
(2003.08.11-16, Leiden, The Netherlands)
2003.08.27:Nanotechnology in Carbon and Related Materials (NanoteC 03)
(2003.08.27-30, Brighton, U.K.)
2003.08.31:Frontier Science 2003 - A Nonlinear World: the Real World
(2003.09.08-12, Pavia, Italy)
2003.08.31:Motion, sensation and self-organization in living cells
(2003.10.20-31, Dresden, Germany)
2003.09.05:Bio-ADIT 2004: The First International Workshop on Biologically Inspired Approaches to Advanced Information Technology
(2004.01.29-30, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2003.09.15:Modelling Electronic Processes in Molecular Scale Devices
(2003.09.15-17, Lyon, France)
2003.09.15:17th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems - Organic and Pervasive Computing
(2004.03.23-26, Augsburg, Germany)
2003.09.20:Joint European Magnetic Symposia (2004)
(2004.09.05-10, Dresden, Germany)
2003.09.26:Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICCN 2004)
(2004.03.07-11, Boston, MA USA)
2003.10.06:Workshop on "Nanoscience with Nanocrystals"
(2003.10.06, Munich, Germany)
2003.10.23:316. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Correlations, Decoherence and Spin Effects in Simple and Complex Quantum Dot Systems
(2003.10.23-25, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2003.10.26:International Symposium on: Elucidating biomolecular networks by single-molecule technologies
(2003.10.26-31, Monte Verita , Ascona, Switzerland)
2003.10.27:Condensed Matter Physics: Spins in Nanostructures: From Atoms and Quantum Dots to Magnets
(2004.01.04-10, Aspen, CO, USA)
2003.11.03:305. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Carbon Nanotubes
(2003.11.03-05, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2003.11.15:VthRencontres de Moriond in Mesoscopic Physics: Quantum information and decoherence in nanosystems
(2004.01.25-01(02), La Thuile, Italy)
2003.11.15:Advances in molecular electronics: From molecular materials to single molecule devices (admol)
(2004.02.22-27, Dresden, Germany)
2003.11.15:DPG-Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Festkörperphysik (DPG-Spring Meeting of the Division Condensed Matter Physics)
(2004.03.08-12, Regensburg, Germany)
2003.11.19:Nanoscale Physics*
(2004.01.21-30, Drakensberg, Natal, South Africa)
2003.11.21-22:The annual meeting of Spintronics RTN 2003
(2003.11.21-22, Munich, Germany)
2003.12.01:7th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials
(2004.06.20-24, Wiesbaden, Germany)
2003.12.05:Annual APS March Meeting 2004
(2004.03.22-26, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
2003.12.08 :Fundamentals of Solid State Quantum Information Processing
(2003.12.08-12, Leiden, The Netherlands)
2003.12.15:Solid State Quantum Information Processing Conference
(2003.12.15-18, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2004.01.01:Physical and biophysical aspects of complex fluids
(2004.03.14-17, Campus of Tel Aviv University)
2004.01.01:New Concepts and Materials for Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology (CMME)
(2004.09.01, Poznan, Poland)
2004.01.14:E-MRS 2004 Spring Meeting
(2004.05.24-28, Strasbourg (France))
2004.01.15:School on NANOSTRUCTURED SYSTEMS: Basic Properties and Technology*
(2004.05.31-02(06), Będlewo, Poland)
2004.02.04:13th Nanotechnology Information Devices (NID) Workshop
(2004.02.04-06, Athens, Greece)
2004.02.20:Spring College on Science at the Nanoscale
(2004.05.24-11(06), Trieste, Italy)
2004.02.20:27th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors
(2004.07.26-30, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
2004.02.28:IEEE-NANO 2005*
(2005.07.11-15, Nagoya, Japan)
2004.02.29:The international conference on strongly correlated electron systems
(2004.07.24-30, Karlsruhe, Germany)
2004.03.01:Boulder Summer School in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics: Coherence and Interactions in Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics*
(2004.07.05-30, Boulder, CO, USA)
2004.03.01:Thin Films & Nanotech 2004
(2004.07.13-17, Singapore)
2004.03.05:IEEE-NANO 2004
(2004.08.17-19, Munich)
2004.03.06:Nanoscopic quantum physics*
(2004.06.28-30(07), Les Houches, France)
2004.03.06:Multiple aspects of DNA and RNA: From Biophysics to Bioinformatics
(2004.08.02-27, Les Houches, France)
2004.03.15:DNA-based molecular electronics
(2004.05.13-15, Jena (Germany))
2004.03.22:320. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Nano-Physics of DNA
(2004.03.22-24, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2004.03.31:5. Dresdner Sommerschule Mikroelektronik*
(2004.09.12-18, Dresden, Germany)
2004.04.01:From Nanostructures to Nanosensing Applications*
(2004.07.20-30, Villa Monastero on Como Lake by Varenna, Italy)
2004.04.01:XI International Summer School "Nicolas Cabrera" on MAGNETIC NANOSTRUCTURES*
(2004.09.13-17, Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid, Spain)
2004.04.15:Conference on Computational Physics 2004
(2004.09.01-04, Genova, Italy)
2004.04.23:Trends in Nanotechnology (TNT2004)
(2004.09.13-17, Segovia, Spain)
2004.04.30:International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT04)
(2004.07.19-23, San Luis Potos, S.L.P., Mexico)
2004.04.30:E-MRS 2004 Fall Meeting
(2004.09.06-10, Warsaw (Poland))
2004.05.01:Summerschool: Molecules - Elements of Prospective Nanoelectronics *
(2004.08.02-13, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany)
2004.05.01:Euro-Summer School on Condensed Matter Theory: Field Theory of Quantum Coherence, Correlations, and Mesoscopics*
(2004.08.09-22, Windsor, United Kingdom)
2004.05.03:Cooperation Forum "Nanoengineering"
(2004.05.10, Munich, Germany)
2004.05.15:From Solid State To BioPhysics II: Role of Inhomogeneities in Solid, Soft and Bio-Matter
(2004.06.26-02(07), Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
2004.05.21:The 20th General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society
(2004.07.19-23, Prague, The Czech Republic)
2004.05.21:The Third International Conference on the Physics and Applications of Spins in Semiconductors (PASPS III)
(2004.07.21-23, Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
2004.05.30:4th euspen International Conference and 6th Annual General Meeting
(2004.05.30-03(06), Glasgow, UK)
2004.05.31:330. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Controlling decoherence
(2004.07.26-28, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2004.05.31:WE-Heraeus-Ferienkurs für Physik: Physik der Magnetischen Nanostrukturen*
(2004.09.13-24, Halle (Saale), Germany)
2004.06.01:International Ph. D. Summer school Molecular Nanotechnology*
(2004.08.16-27, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2004.06 .01:International Workshop and School: Time dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications*
(2004.08.28-12(09), Benasque, Aragon, Spain)
2004.06.01:Summer School - Molecular Self-Assembly*
(2004.09.06-10, Cambridge, UK)
2004.06.01:XIV Workshop on computational materials science
(2004.09.18-23, Geremeas (Cagliari), Italy)
2004.06.01:Workshop on "Quantum entanglement in physical and information sciences"
(2004.12.14-18, Pisa, Italy)
2004.06.14:International workshop on computational electronics (IWCE-10): The field of computational electronics - looking back and looking ahead
(2004.10.24-27, Purdue University - West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
2004.06.15:XXVIII International conference of theoretical physics: Electron correlations in nano and macrosystems
(2004.09.02-07, Ustron, Poland)
2004.06.18:Workshop on "Computational Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems and Nanomagnetics"
(2004.09.26-01(10), Lugano, Svizzera)
2004.06.25:Workshop on Molecular Conduction
(2004.07.08-10, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA)
2004.06.27:54th Lindau Meeting
(2004.06.27-02(07), Lindau, Germany)
2004.06.30:The 5th International Conference on Biological Physics (ICBP 2004)
(2004.08.23-27, Gothenburg, Sweden)
2004.07.15:Transport Phenomena in Micro and Nanodevices
(2004.10.17-21, Kona, Hawaii, USA)
2004.07.19:2. ENNaB-Workshop: "BMBF Junior Research Groups in Nanotechnology"
(2004.07.22, Munich, Germany)
2004.07.26:Linking Bio and Nano: A One-Day Symposium on Bio-NanoTechnology and Systems
(2004.07.26, Purdue University - West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
2004.08.15:International Conference on Quantum Transport in Synthetic Metals and Quantum Functional Semiconductors, 2004
(2004.11.21-23, Phoenix Park in Gangwon-do, Korea)
2004.08.19:First meeting on Molecular Electronics Elecmol'04
(2004.09.16-17, Grenoble, France)
2004.08.22:European School in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology*
(2004.08.22-10(08), Grenoble, France)
2004.08.31:International Conference on "Statistical Mechanics, Chaos and Condensed Matter Theory" (4th Giovanni PALADIN Memorial)
(2004.09.22-24, Rome, Italy)
2004.09.27:Nanoscience - linking disciplines
(2004.09.27-01(10), Venice, Italy)
2004.09.30:Scanning Probe Microscopies and Organic Materials XIII
(2004.09.06-08, Bielefeld, Germany)
2004.10.22:Joint Workshop "Towards molecular electronics"
(2004.11.26-27, Ulm, Germany)
2004.11.01:Nanoelectronics Days 2005
(2005.02.09-11, Jülich, Germany)
2004.11.01:SPIE International Conference on Nanotechnology II
(2005.05.09-11, Sevilla, Spain)
2004.11.15:Physics since Albert Einstein: the annual conference of the German Physical Society (DPG) during the World of Physics 2005 (Einstein Year 2005)
(2005.03.04-09, Berlin, Germany)
2004.12.03:36th IFF Spring School - Magnetism goes Nano*
(2005.02.14-25, Jülich, Germany)
2004.12.05:Annual APS March Meeting 2005
(2005.03.21-25, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
2004.12.15:The Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures*
(2005.04.03-10, Anacapri, Isola di Capri, Italy)
2004.12.15:Nanomeeting 2005
(2005.05.24-27, Minsk, Belarus)
2004.12.17:International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF 2005)
(2005.09.19-23, Salamanca, Spain)
2004.12 .19:342. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Science & Technology of Inorganic Nanowires
(2005.02.13-16, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2004.12.31:China NANO 2005
(2005.06.09-11, Beijing, China)
2005.01.01:3rd Meeting on Society of Nano Science and Technology
(2005.05.08-10, Sendai, Japan)
2005.01.01:Ψk Conference 2005
(2005.09.17-21, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany)
2005.01.03:7th Engineering International Conference on Molecular-Scale Electronics
(2005.01.23-26, San Diego, CA, USA)
2005.01.07:XIXth international winterschool on electronic properties of novel materials: Molecular Nanostructures*
(2005.03.13-19, Kirchberg, Austria)
2005.01.15:2nd International Conference on Transport Phenomena in Micro and Nanodevices
(2006.06.11-15, Barga, Italy)
2005.01.31:30th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics (MECO30)
(2005.04.03-06, Cortona, Italy)
2005.02.01:Manipulating Quantum Coherence in Solid State Systems*
(2005.08.29-08(09), Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
2005.02.10:37th IFF Spring School Computational Methods in Condensed Matter Physics*
(2006.03.06-17, Jülich, Germany)
2005.02.18:Spin Physics, Spintronics, and Spin-Offs (43. Internationale Universitätswochen für Theoretische Physik)*
(2005.02.26-04(03), Schladming, Styria, Austria)
2005.02.21:CeNS winterschool: From Quantum Bits to Life Science*
(2005.02.21-25, Mauterndorf, Austria)
2005.02.25:Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic FieldsÂ?V
(2005.08.05-09, Tallahassee, Florida)
2005.02.28:13th General Meeting of the European Physical Society - EPS-13
(2005.07.11-15, Bern, Switzerland)
2005.03.01:International Workshop on ``Spin Phenomena in Reduced Dimensions''
(2005.03.10-12, Regensburg, Germany)
2005.03.01:The European Conference: "Physics of Magnetism 05" (PM05)
(2005.06.24-27, Poznan, Poland)
2005.03.01:Spintech III conference + school*
(2005.08.01-05, Awaji Island, Japan)
2005.03.06:The Second Conference on Nanoscale Devices & System Integration (NDSI 2005)
(2005.04.04-06, Houston, Texas)
2005.03.31:MMD-Meeting. Matter, Materials and Devices
(2005.06.22-25, Genova, Italy)
2005.04.01:International conference on Quantum Transport, 2005
(2005.07.03-05, Bologna, Italy)
2005.04.01:Transport in mesoscopic and single-molecule systems: Niels Bohr Summer School + Institute Symposium*
(2005.08.08-27, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2005.04.01:Progress in Atomic Scale Modelling of Nanotechnology Systems
(2005.08.14-15, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2005.04.01:Mechanically Induced Chemistry
- Theory and Experiment -
(2005.10.03-06, Tutzing (Munich), Germany)
2005.04.04:8th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME)
(2005.06.29-02(07), Bologna, Italy)
2005.04.15:Trends in Nanotechnology (TNT2005)
(2005.08.29-02(09), Oviedo, Spain)
2005.04.15:International Summer School ``Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics XI''*
(2005.09.04-17, Leuven, Belgium)
(2005.08.01-12, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany)
2005.04.30:International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT05)
(2005.06.26-01(07), Gothenburg, Sweden)
2005.05.01:International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi": Polarons in Bulk Materials and System with Reduced Dimensionality*
(2005.06.21-01(07), Varenna, Italy)
2005.05.01:10th International Superconductive Electronics Conference 2005
(2005.09.05-09, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2005.05.01:European Solid-State Device Research Conference
(2005.09.12-16, Grenoble, France)
2005.05.15:European School On Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies*
(2005.08.21-09(08), Grenoble, France)
2005.05.20:From molecules to materials and devices: tools for separation and detection (Interdisciplinary Summer School)*
(2005.06.20-24, Dijon, France)
2005.05.25:DNA-based nanowires: On the Way from Biomolecules to Nanodevices
(2005.10.07-08, Modena, Italy)
2005.05.31:Computational Challenges and Tools for Nanotubes (CCTN05)
(2005.06.26, Gothenburg, Sweden)
2005.05.31:einstein heute (185. Jahreskongress der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz SCNAT und Jahreskongress Schweizerischen Physikalischen Gesellschaft)
(2005.07.14-15, Bern, Switzerland)
2005.06.02:12th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology
(2005.10.??-??, ???)
2005.06.03:Fundamental Problems of Mesoscopic Physics: Entanglement and Coherence in Nanoelectronics
(2005.09.03-08, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy)
2005.06.15:Third Conference of the Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-3)
(2005.09.08-11, Beijing, China)
2005.06.30:International School of Nanophotonics
(2005.09.16-24, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy)
2005.06.30:Workshop on noise and instabilities in quantum mechanics
(2005.10.03-07, Trieste, Italy)
2005.07.01:Scanning Probe Microscopies and Organic Materials XIV
(2005.09.14-16, München, Germany)
2005.07.20:Regensburg Inelastic Day
(2005.07.21, Regensburg, Germany)
2005.07.20:The 8th international symposium on foundation of quantum mechanics in the light of new technology
(2005.08.22-25, Saitama, Japan)
2005.07.20:Nanotechnology in Carbon and related materials (NanoteC05)
(2005.08.31-03(09), Sussex, Brighton, UK)
2005.07.30:Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions
(2005.09.18-22, Mitzpeh Hayamim in Eastern Galilee, Israel)
2005.08.01:V Annual workshop of the Graduiertenkolleg Nichtlinearität und Nichtgleichgewicht in kondensierter Materie (GRK 638)*
(2005.09.27-29, Windberg)
2005.08.31:Joint NPMS-7 and SIMD-5:
Seventh International Conference on New Phenomena in Mesoscopic Structures and Fifth International Conference on Surfaces and Interfaces of Mesoscopic Devices
(2005.11.27-02(12), Maui, Hawaii, USA)
2005.09.01:Summer School ``NanoBioTechnology and Management''*
(2005.10.03-06, Tutzing (Munich), Germany)
2005.09.09:Science and Applications of Nanotubes (Nano E / GDR-E05)
(2005.10.10-13, Houffalize, Belgium)
2005.09.30:Symposium "Trends in Nanoscience: Structure & Functions"
(2005.10.08-12, Kloster Irsee, Germany)
2005.09.30:Diffusion processes in neurobiology and subcellular biology (Biocomp 2005)
(2005.12.12-16, Vietri sul Mare, Italy)
2005.10.19:Second meeting on Molecular Electronics Elecmol'05
(2005.12.19-21, Grenoble, France)
2005.11.15:DPG-EPS-Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Festkörperphysik (DPG-Spring Meeting of the Division Condensed Matter Physics together with the EPS-21st General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division)
(2006.03.27-31, Dresden, Germany)
2005.11.21:Non-equilibrium dynamics in interacting systems
(2005.04.18-05(05), Dresden, Germany)
2005.11.30:Focus session on "Computational Nanoscience" at the Annual APS March Meeting 2006
(2006.03.13-17, Baltimore, MD, USA)
2005.11.30:Annual APS March Meeting 2006
(2006.03.13-17, Baltimore, MD, USA)
2005.12.10:School on Counting Statistics*
(2006.01.07-08, Lancaster University, UK)
2005.12.10:International Conference NANOELECTRONICS 2006: Novel Nanomaterials, Quantum Transport, and Noise of Electrons and Photons
(2006.01.08-11, Lancaster University, UK)
2005.12.15:2nd Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures*
(2006.04.02-09, Anacapri, Isola di Capri, Italy)
2005.12.20:384. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Nonequilibrium transport of strongly correlated systems (towards simulation of novel devices)
(2007.01.30-02(02), Bad Honnef, Germany)
2006.01.07:XXth international winterschool on electronic properties of novel materials: Molecular Nanostructures*
(2006.03.04-11, Kirchberg, Austria)
2006.01.10:Quantum coherence, noise and decoherence in nanostructures
(2006.05.15-26, Dresden, Germany)
2006.01.15:International workshop on condensed matter theories (CMT30)
(2006.06.05-10, Dresden, Germany)
2006.01.23:International Symposium on Mesoscopic Superconductivity and Spintronics 2006 (MS+S2006)
(2006.02.27-02(03), Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan)
2006.01.30:Seminaire 2006: Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics*
(2006.03.05-11, Champex-Lac, Switzerland)
2006.02.10 :Dutch Molecular Electronics Workshop
(2006.03.10, Groningen, The Netherlands)
2006.02.12:CeNS winterschool: From Quantum Devices to Biological Engines*
(2006.02.12-16, Mauterndorf, Austria)
2006.02.28:21st General Conference of the European Physical Society (EPS) Condensed Matter Division
(2006.03.27-31, Dresden, Germany)
2006.03.01:DNA-based nanoscale integration
(2006.05.18-20, Jena (Germany))
2006.03.01:Spin and charge effects at the nanoscale (SCEN06)
(2006.06.01-09, Pisa, Italy)
2006.03.01:School on Nanotubes*
(2006.07.03-15, Cargese, Corsica)
2006.03.01:The 4th international conference on physics and applications of spin related phenomena in semiconductors (PASPS-IV)
(2006.08.15-18, Sendai Japan)
2006.03.01:Molecular Plasmonics 2007
(2007.05.10-12, Jena (Germany))
2006.03.03:Complex Systems*
(2006.07.03-28, Les Houches, France)
2006.03.03:Symposium on Density Functional Tight Binding (within the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society)
(2006.09.10-14, San Francisco, USA)
2006.03.10:DNA nanoelectronics: theory and experiment
(2006.04.07-08, Regensburg, Germany)
2006.03 .26:366. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Qubits and Macroscopic Quantum Coherence: From Superconducting Devices to Ultra-cold Gases
(2006.05.07-11, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2006.03 .26:371. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Quantum Transport at the Molecular Scale
(2006.05.29-01(06), Bad Honnef, Germany)
2006.03.31:Charge migration in DNA: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology perspectives
(2006.06.06-09, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada)
2006.04.01:CREST workshop on physics on single molecules: Transport properties of single molecules, atomic wires and DNA
(2006.05.16-18, Kanagawa (Japan))
2006.04.10:International conference on clusters at surfaces
(2006.05.28-02(06), Rostock-Warnemuende, Germany)
2006.04.20:Conference on Nanoscience and Technology ICN&T 2006
(2006 .07.30-04(08), Basel, Switzerland)
2006.04.30:Macroscopic quantum coherence and computing
(2006.06.12-16, Neaples, Italy)
2006.04.30:International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT06)
(2006.06.18-23, Nagano, Japan)
2006.05.03:International symposium on small particles and inorganic clusters*
(2006.07.23-28, Göteborg, Sweden)
2006.05.15:From Solid State To BioPhysics III
(2006.06.24-01(07), Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
2006.05.15:European School On Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies*
(2006.08.27-16(09), Grenoble, France)
2006.05.17:Trends in Nanotechnology (TNT2006)
(2006.09.04-08, Grenoble, France)
2006.05.24-06(10):Dynamics and relaxation in complex quantum and classical systems and nanostructures
(2006.07., Dresden, Germany)
2006.05.27:European School On Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies*
(2007.08.26-15(09), Grenoble, France)
2006.06.01:Gordon Research Conferences on Condensed Matter Physics: Soft meets Hard (CANCELLED!)
(2007.08.19-24, Les Diablerets, Switzerland)
2006.06.14:Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics*
(2006.08.27-01(09), Keszthely, Hungary)
2006.07.15:Asian conference on quantum information science (AQIS 2006)
(2006.09.01-04, Beijing, China)
2006.07.15:Third International Summer School of the DFG-Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN)*
(2006.09.01-04, Bad Herrenalb, Germany)
2006.07.16:XI training course in the physics of strongly correlated systems*
(2006.10.02-13, Vietri sul Mare, Italy)
2006.08.01:Nonlinear Dynamics of Nanosystems
(2006.08.28-30, Chemnitz)
2006.09.01:Epitaxial growth and fundamental properties of semiconductor nanostructures
(2006.09.17-22, Bonassola, Italy)
2006.09.01:Organic, Inorganic and Bio - Molecular Nanostructures: from Fundamental Science to Applications
(2006.09.20-21, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2006.10.01:Nonequilibrium phenomena in classical and quantum systems
(2006.10.09-11, Munich, Germany)
2006.10.07:Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics and Photonics. From Atoms to Materials to Devices to System Architecture. Symposium and Spring School (Tutorial Lectures)*
(2007.03.12-16, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
2006.10.13:374. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Spin Physics of Superconducting Heterostructures
(2006.12.09-13, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2006.10.20:Japan-Germany joint workshop on Nanoelectronics
(2006.10.30-01(11), Tokyo, Japan)
2006.10.31:Third meeting on Molecular Electronics Elecmol'06
(2006.12.11-15, Grenoble, France)
2006.11.13:Workshop on Quantum Computation and Information (with turorial day)*
(2006.11.13-15/20-22, Regensburg, Germany)
2006.11.20:Annual APS March Meeting 2007
(2007.03.06-10, Denver, CO, USA)
2006.11.28:Electronic properties of graphene
(2007.01.08-19, Santa Barbara, USA)
2006.12.01:European Nano Systems 2006
(2006.12.14-15, Paris, France)
2006.12.01:Trends in Nanoscience 2007
(2007.02.24-28, Kloster Irsee, Germany)
2006.12.02:`Modelling for Nanotechnology' Symposium
(2006.12.04, Madrid, Spain)
2006.12.10:The nanophysics and nanoelectronics symposium
(2007.03.10-14, Novgorod, Russia)
(2007.02.05-09, Leiden, The Netherlands)
2006.12.15:3rd Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures*
(2007.03.24-31, Anacapri, Isola di Capri, Italy)
(2007.03.26-29, Regensburg, Germany)
2006.12.15:DPG-Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Festkörperphysik (DPG-Spring Meeting of the Division Condensed Matter Physics)
(2007.03.26-30, Regensburg, Germany)
2006.12.15:Spins in Semiconductors (SYSS)
(2007.03.26-30, Regensburg, Germany)
2006.12.15:Entanglement (SYEN)
(2007.03.26-30, Regensburg, Germany)
2006.12.15:Bioinspired Materials (SYBM)
(2007.03.26-30, Regensburg, Germany)
2007.01.14:E-MRS 2007 Spring Meeting
(2007.05.28-01(06), Strasbourg, France)
2007.01.15:Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO07): self-assembled architectures and devices
(2007.04.18-21, Snowbird Cliff Lodge, Utah, USA)
2007.01.15:5th International conference on theory of atomic and molecular clusters (TAMC V)
(2007.05.13-17, Richmond, USA)
2007.01.31:China NANO 2007
(2007.06.04-06, Beijing, China)
2007.02.15:6th ESF Nanotribology workshop
(2007.05.13-16, Santa Margherita di Pula, Sardinia, Italy)
(2007.02.19, Dresden, Germany)
2007.02.28:Fourth International School and Conference on Spintronics and Quantum Information Technology (Spintech IV)*
(2007.06.17-22, Maui, Hawaii, USA)
2007.03.09:3rd International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC 3)
(2007.04.16-19, Brussels, Belgium)
2007.03.10:Workshop on computer simulations of soft matter and biosystems
(2007.03.14-16, Heidelberg, Germany)
2007.03.10:14th International Symposium NANOSTRUCTURES: Physics and Technology
(2007.06.25-30, St. Petersburg, Russia)
2007.03.15:Nanospintronic design and realization
(2007.05.21-25, Dresden, Germany)
2007.03.19 :International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two-dimensional Systems (EP2DS 17) and Modulated Semiconductor Structures (MSS 13)
(2007.07.15-20, Genova, Italy)
2007.03.:Middle East Frontiers of Science and Engineering (FOSE07)
(2007.03.18-21, Sevilla, Spain)
2007.03.25:Tutorial on "Semiconductor Spintronics"*
(2007.03.25, Regensburg, Germany)
2007.03.30:Quantum transport at the molecular scale (mid-term meeting of the DFG SPP 1243/1)
(2007.06.24-27, Bremen, Germany)
2007.03.31:European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS 2007)
(2006.10.01-05, Dresden, Germany)
2007.03.31:23rd International Conference on Statistical Physics (STATPHYS 23)
(2007.07.09-13, Genova, Italy)
2007.03.31:International School on Magnetic Fields for Science*
(2007.08.27-08(09), Cargese, Corsica)
2007.04.02:Seeing at the NANOSCALE V
(2007.06.24-27, Santa Barbara, USA)
2007.04.20:Modeling DNA charge migration
(2007.04.20, Regensburg, Germany)
2007.04.23:Frontiers in computational science of nanoscale transport
(2007.06.07-08, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2007.04.30:International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT07)
(2007.06.24-30, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
2007.05.01:Quantum noise and quantum optics in the solid state*
(2007.08.05-17, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2007.05.07:Physics of fluctuations far from equilibrium
(2007.07.02-06, Dresden, Germany)
2007.05.15:The 4th Windsor summer school on condensed matter theory: Quantum Transport and Dynamics in Nanostructures*
(2006.08.06-18, Windsor, United Kingdom)
2007.05.30:DPG physics school: charge transport in organic materials: from single molecules to devices*
(2007.09.23-28, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2007.05.31:New frontiers in quantum impurity physics: from nano-structures to molecular devices
(2007.08.13-24, Dresden, Germany)
2007.05.31:Trends in Nanotechnology (TNT2007)
(2007.09.03-07, San Sebastian, Spain)
2007.06.01:1er Encuentro de Investigadores del Grafeno y Nanotubos
(2007.06.15, Alicante, Spain)
2007.06.01:IVC-17, ICSS-13, ICN+T2007, IVC-17, ICSS-13, ICN+T2007
(2007.07.02-06, Stockholm, Sweden)
2007.06.01:395. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Time Dependent Phenomena in Quantum Mechanics
(2007.09.12-16, Blaubeuren, Germany)
2007.06.15:Local correlation methods: from molecules to crystals
(2007.09.12-15, Dresden, Germany)
2007.06.15:International workshop on molecular switching at surfaces
(2007.09.24-26, Berlin-Zeuthen)
2007.06.15:SFB689 workshop 2007
(2007.10.08-10, Fraueninsel, Germany)
2007.07.01:Transport in interacting disordered systems
(2007.08.06-10, Marburg, Germany)
2007.07.01:Quantum information and quantum simulation*
(2007.09.16-21, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2007.08.01:Scanning probe microscopy
(2007.10.09, Berlin, Germany)
2007.08?.01:9th Engineering International Conference on Molecular Electronics
(2007.12.15?, Hawaii, USA)
2007.08.15:Latin-American conference on the sciences of surfaces and their applications (CLACSA XIII)
(2007.12.03-07, Santa Marta, Colombia)
2007.09.01:ANSYS Conference & 25. CADFEM Users´ Meeting
(2007.11.21-23, Dresden, Germany)
2007.09.01:Advanced processing of novel functional materials
(2008.01.23-25, Dresden, Germany)
2007.09.15:GDR-E Nano-E Annual Meeting on Science and applications of Nanotubes
(2007.10.15-19, Autrans, France)
2007.10.01:2007 Arnold Sommerfeld Summer School*
(2007.10.01-12, Munich, Germany)
2007.10.01:Molecular and Nanoelectronics: Current Trends and Future Perspectives
(2007.11.09-10, Seoul, South Korea)
2007.10.:Energy flow dynamics in biomaterial systems
(2007.10.02-05, Paris, France)
2007.12.01:Molecular field effect devices
(2007.12.15-18, Braunwald, Switzerland)
2007.12.05:Annual APS March Meeting 2008
(2008.03.10-14, New Orleans, LA, USA)
2007.12.14:Analysis, Manipulation and Simulation on the Nanoscale (107. Hauptversammlung der Deutschen Bunsen-Gesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie e. V.)
(2008.05.01-03, Saarbrücken)
2007.12.15:Organic thin film electronics: from the molecular contacts to devices
(2007.03.26-30, Regensburg, Germany)
2007.12.15:DPG-Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Festkörperphysik (DPG-Spring Meeting of the Division Condensed Matter Physics)
(2008.02.25-29, Berlin, Germany)
2008.01.07:Interaction and interference in nanoscopic transport
(2008.02.18-23, Dresden, Germany)
2008.02.28:Materials Science and Engineering
(2008.09.01-04, Nürnberg, Germany)
2008.03.01:nanobio europe
(2008.06.13-15, Barcelona)
2008.03.01:Fundamentals of electronic nanosystems
(2008.06.28-04(07), St. Petersburg, Russia)
2008.04.01:Nanoelectronics Days 2008
(2008.05.13-16, RWTH Aachen, Germany)
2008.04.01:22nd General Conference of the European Physical Society (EPS) Condensed Matter Division
(2008.08.25-29, Rome, Italy)
2008.04.20:Symposium "carbon-based electronics" within the European Surface Science meeting (ECOSS-25)
(2008.07.28-01(08), Liverpool, UK)
2008.04.30:International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT08)
(2008.06.29-04(07), Le Corum, Montpellier, France)
2008.05.01:Graphene week 2008: Electronic properties of graphene-based nanostructures
(2008.08.25-29, Trieste, Italy)
2008.05.15:From Solid State To BioPhysics IV
(2008.06.06-13, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
2008.06.15:Summer School "Nanomagnetism and Spintronics"
(2008.09.05-13, Prague, Czech Republic)
2008.07.04:PHYSIQUE QUANTIQUE MESOSCOPIQUE: Transport, dynamique et coherence quantique
(2008.10.06-18, Cargese, Corsica)
2008.08.15:9th Student MINERVA Symposium "Molecules as Sensors"
(2008.09.14-18, Tsfat, Israel)
2008.08.31:Computational Magnetism and Spintronics
(2008.11.03-07, MPIPKS Dresden)
2008.09.01:Nanomechanical systems approaching the quantum regime
(2008.09.15-17, Munich, Germany)
2008.09.01:Nonequilibrium thermodynamics at the nanoscale
(2008.09.24-25, University of Augsburg, Germany)
2008.09.10:Spin Phenomena in Reduced Dimensions
(2008.09.24-26, Regensburg, Germany)
2008.09.12:9th International Conference on Molecular Electronics
(2008.12.12-15, Kauai, Hawaii, USA)
2008.09.15:International Workshop "Quantum transport in nanostructures"
(2008.10.08-10, Hamburg, Germany)
2008.09.15:13th Advanced Heterostructures and Nanostructures Workshop
(2008.12.07-12, Big Island of Hawaii, USA)
2008.09.21:4th HANDAI Nano-Science Symposium
(2008.09.29-01(10), Osaka, Japan)
2008.10.01:2nd VI-HPS Tuning Workshop
(2008.10.08-10, Dresden, Germany)
2008.10.01:WEH Seminar "Unconventional Proximity Effects in Novel Materials"
(2008.10.12-15, Bad Honnef, Germany)
2008.10.01:Bottom-Up and Top-Down Nanotechnology
(2008.11.12-14, Leuven, Belgium)
2008.10.12:Quantum coherence and many-body correlations: from mesoscopic to macroscopic scales
(2008.10.22-23, CEA Saclay, France)
2008.10.15:Max Bergmann Symposium 2008: Molecular designed biological coating
(2008.11.04-06, Max Bergmann Center, Dresden, Germany)
2008.10.30:Nonequilibrium Nanostructures
(2008.12.01-06, MPIPKS Dresden, Germany)
(2008.12.08-12, Grenoble, France)
2008.10.31:Nanofair 2009: 7th International Nanotechnology Symposium: New Ideas for Industry
(2009.05.26-27, International Congress Center, Dresden, Germany)
2008.11.08:Zing Nanomaterials Conference
(2008.12.07-10, Playa del Carmen, Mexico)
2008.11.10:50 Years of Anderson Localization Symposium
(2008.12.04-05, Paris, France)
2008.11.24:Graphene week 2009
(2009.03.02-07, Obergurgl, Austrian Alps, Austria)
2008.11.30:Molecular and Organic Electronics: Bridging the Gaps
(2009.01.25-29, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany)
2008.12.01:DPG-Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Festkörperphysik (DPG-Spring Meeting of the Division Condensed Matter Physics)
(2009.03.22-27, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Spincoherence in Solids (Symposium within DPG Spring Meeting)
(2009.03.22-27, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Transport in Graphene (Symposium within DPG Spring Meeting)
(2009.03.22-27, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Epitaxial Graphene (Focussed Session within DPG Spring Meeting)
(2009.03.22-27, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Focused Session on Thermoelectric Thin Films and Nanostructures
(2009.03.22-27, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Anderson Localization in Nonlinear and Many-Body Systems (Symposium within DPG Spring Meeting)
(2009.03.23, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Ab initio approaches to excitations in condensed matter (Symposium within DPG Spring Meeting)
(2009.03.26-27, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Organic Photovoltaics: from Single Molecules to Devices (Symposium within DPG Spring Meeting)
(2009.03.26, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.01:Focused Session: Thermoelectric Thin Films and Nanostructures
(2009.03.26, Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.15:Korrelationstage 2009
(2009.03.02-06, MPIPKS Dresden, Germany)
2008.12.15:The Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 2009
(2009.03.29-05(04), Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, Italy)
2008.12.15:Nanomeeting 2009
(2009.05.26-29, Minsk, Belarus)
2008.12.21:IFF Spring School 2009: Spintronics
(2009.03.09-20, Jülich, Germany)
2008.12.25:Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics (M&BE5)
(2009.03.15-18, Miyazaki, Japan)
2009.01.01:Winter School 2009: Nanosystems and Sensors
(2009.03.01-07, St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria)
2009.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2009
(2009.03.16-20, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
2009.01.05:International Winterschool on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials (IWEPNM)
(2009.03.07-14, Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria)
2009.01.09:FET09 The European Future Technologies Conference
(2009.04.21-23, Prague, Czech Republic)
2009.01.14:17th Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference
(2009.03.30-02(04), University of Reading, Reading, UK)
2009.01.15:Trends in Nanoscience 2009
(2009.02.28-04(03), Kloster Irsee, Germany)
2009.01.15:DNA-based nanotechnology: Construction, mechanics, and electronics (dnatec)
(2009.05.11-15, Dresden, Germany)
2009.01.20:International Conference on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
(2009.05.04-07, University of Bahrain, Bahrain)
2009.01.23:ULIS Conference 2009
(2009.03.18-20, Aachen, Germany)
2009.01.31:COST D43 SCHOOL "Interfacial engineering in nanotechnology"
(2009.03.31-03(04), Dresden, Germany)
2009.01.31:5th international ECNP conference on nanostructured polymers & nanocomposites
(2009.04.15-17, Paris, France)
2009.01.31:FET09 The European Future Technologies Conference
(2009.08.16-21, Dresden, Germany)
2009.02.20:2009 Villa Conference on Interactions Among Nanostructures
(2009.09.06-11, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands)
2009.02.23:Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies
(2009.03.31-03(04), Riga, Latvia)
2009.02.28:Discussion Forum on Roughness Aspects in Wetting and Adhesion
(2009.03.30, Dresden, Germany)
2009.03.01:Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Symposium
(2009.03.10, Dresden, Germany)
2009.03.01:Molecular Plasmonics 2009
(2009.05.14-16, Jena, Germany)
2009.03.01:International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces - From Semiconductors to Nanoscience and Applications with Biology
(2009.07.05-10, Weimar, Germany)
2009.03.01:The 28th International Conference on Thermoelectrics and The 7th European Conference on Thermoelectrics
(2009.07.26-30, Freiburg, Germany)
2009.03.06:NSTI Nanotech 2009
(2009.05.03-07, Houston, TX, USA)
2009.03.06:Diamond 2009
(2009.09.06-10, Athens, Greece)
2009.03.10:Winter School: Nanoscale Materials: Structure - Property - Relations
(2009.03.23-25, Stuttgart, Germany)
2009.03.15:Semiconductor Technology for Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Thin Film Transistors
(2009.07.05-10, Xi'an, China)
2009.03.15:Summer School on Materials Modeling from First-Principles: Theory and Practice
(2009.07.19-01(08), Santa Barbara, USA)
2009.03.26:NanoIsrael 2009
(2009.03.30-31, Jerusalem, Israel)
2009.03.31:NanoBio-Europe 2009
(2009.06.16-18, Grenoble, France)
2009.03.31:Advanced Workshop: Spin and Charge Properties of Low Dimensional Systems
(2009.06.29-04(07), Sibiu, Romania)
2009.04.01:Computational Studies of Defects in Nanoscale Carbon Materials
(2009.05.11-13, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2009.04.01:Modeling of Carbon and Inorganic Nanotubes and Nanostructures
(2009.05.13-15, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2009.04.01:INCF 2009: 20th International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations
(2009.06.14-19, Pisa, Italy)
2009.04.13:NT09: Tenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes
(2009.06.21-26, Beijing, China)
2009.04.15:Theoretical Modeling of Transport in Nanostructures
(2009.06.02-05, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2009.04.30:Quantum and Classical Simulation of Biological Systems and their Interaction with Technical Materials
(2009.06.15-26, Bremen, Germany)
2009.05.01:Density Functional Theory and Beyond: Concepts and Applications
(2009.06.22-01(07), Berlin, Germany)
2009.05.01:Semiconductor Technology for Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuitsand Thin Film Transistors
(2009.07.05-10, Xi'an, China)
2009.05.01:Methods in Molecular Simulation Summer School 2009
(2009.07.05-14, Sheffield, England)
2009.05.04:TNT2009 - Trends in Nanotechnology
(2009.09.07-11, Barcelona, Spain)
2009.05.08:Computational Methods for Soft Matter and Biological Systems
(2009.07.08-11, Freiburg, Germany)
2009.05.10:European Surface Science meeting (ECOSS-26)
(2009.08.30-04(09), Parma, IT)
2009.05.15:Tunneling and Scattering in Complex Systems - From Single to Many Particle Physics
(2009.09.07-25, Dresden, Germany)
2009.05.15:10th International Summer School on Biophysics: Supramolecular Structure and Function
(2009.09.19-01(10), Rovinj (Red Island), Croatia)
2009.05.26:17th Annual International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering
(2009.07.26-01(08), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA )
2009.05.28:Spin engineering and optoelectronic spin detection in semiconductor nanostructures
(2009.05.28, Garching, Germany)
2009.05.31:The 8th Torunian Carbon Symposium
(2009.09.02-05, Torun, Poland )
2009.05.31:Quantum Transport in Electronic Nanosystems
(2009.09.20-24, Karlsruhe, Germany)
2009.05.31:Automata 2009: 15th International Workshop On Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems
(2009.10.10-12, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil)
2009.06.01:Dopants and Impurities in Semiconducting Nanowires
(2009.07.06-08, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2009.06.01:Structural Transitions in Solids: Theory, Simulations, Experiments and Visualization Techniques
(2009.07.08-11, Lugano, Switzerland)
2009.06.01:Thermoelectric Transport: Progress in First Principles and Other Approaches, and the Interplay with Experiment
(2009.07.22-24, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2009.06.06:International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM)
(2009.09.20-25, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2009.06.15:Paricles 2009
(2009.07.11-14, Berlin, Germany)
2009.06.22:Graphene Tokyo 2009
(2009.07.25-26, Tokyo, Japan)
2009.06.30:Thermopower Symposium CH 2009: Novel Thermoelectric Materials, Devices and Applications
(2009.07.24, Dübendorf, Switzerland )
2009.06.30:ChinaNANO 2009
(2009.09.01-03, Beijing, China)
2009.07.01:Energy Dissipation in Nanocontacts and Molecular Bonds
(2009.09.28-01(10), Dresden, Germany)
2009.07.01:Computational Physics and Chemistry of Graphene
(2009.10.14-16, Lausanne, Switzerland)
2009.07.09:European Conference on Molecular Electronics 2009
(2009.09.09-12, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2009.07.14:International CECAM-Workshop: Quantum transport on the molecular scale
(2009.09.14-18, Bremen, Germany)
2009.07.15:10th European Symposium on Nanomechanical Testing - nanomech10
(2009.09.01-03, Hückelhoven, Germany)
2009.07.28:11-th International Conference on Electronic Spectroscopy and Structure
(2009.10.06-10, Nara, Japan)
(2009.10.19-23, Coma-ruga (Catalonia), Spain )
2009.08.20:KYUTECH-POSTECH Joint Workshop on Neuroinformatics
(2010.08.24-26, Pohang, South Korea)
2009.09.11:Jülich Soft Matter Days 2009
(2009.11.10-14, Jülich, Germany)
2009.09.18:NanoTech-Montreux 2009
(2009.11.16-18, Montreux, Switzerland)
2009.11.01:4th Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications
(2010.01.09-14, Benasque, Spain)
2009.11.03:FP7 Untold Stories
(2009.12.03-04, Budapest, Hungary)
2009.11.05:International Conference on Molecular Electronics 2010
(2010.01.05-09, Emmeten, Switzerland )
2009.11.15:DPG-Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Kondensierte Materie (DPG-Spring Meeting of the Section Condensed Matter Physics)
(2010.03.22-26, Regensburg, Germany)
2009.12.07:Mit Werkstoffsimulation zu mehr Leistung und Wirtschaftlichkeit - Festkolloquium zum 65. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Hermann Riedel
(2010.01.20, Freiburg, Germany)
2009.12.07:Werkstoffsimulation: Prozessketten und Multiskalenmodellierung - Fachkolloquium zum 65. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Hermann Riedel
(2010.01.21, Freiburg, Germany)
2009.12.11:The Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 2010
(2010.04.11-18, Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, Italy)
2009.12.15:NT10 - Eleventh International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes
(2010.06.27-02(07), Montreal, Canada)
2010.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2010
(2010.03.15-19, Portland, OR, USA)
2010.01.01:APS March Meeting 2010:Focus Topic Thermoelectric Materials & Phenomena
(2010.03.15-19, Portland, OR, USA)
2010.01.08:Graphene Week 2010
(2010.04.19-23, College Park, Maryland, USA)
2010.01.15:International Symposium on Functional Pi-Electron Systems
(2010.05.23-28, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
2010.03.01:11th International Workshop on Stress-Induced Phenomena in Metallization
(2010.04.12-14, Dresden, Germany)
2010.03.15:18th International Vacuum Congress
(2010.08.23-27, Beijing, China)
2010.03.15:Fifth International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling MMM2010
(2010.10.04-08, Freiburg, Germany)
2010.04.01:1st European Nanomanipulation Workshop
(2010.05.17-19, Cascals, Protugal)
2010.04.11:Advances in nonvolatile memory materials and devices
(2010.07.11-16, Suzhou, China)
2010.04.15:4th International Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies
(2010.07.28-30, Braga, Portugal)
2010.05.01:Recent advances in graphene and related materials
(2010.08.01-06, Singapore)
2010.05.10:DNA-Based MicroNano-Integration
(2010.05.27-29, Jena, Germany)
2010.05.15:From Solid State To BioPhysics V
(2010.06.12-19, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
2010.05.15:6th International Conference on the Physics and Applications of Spin Related Phenomena in Semiconductors
(2010.08.01-04, Tokyo, Japan)
2010.05.15:General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society
(2010.08.30-03(09), Warsaw, Poland)
2010.05.26:The Eighteenth Annual International Conference on COMPOSITES/NANO ENGINEERING
(2010.07.04-10, Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
2010.05.31:Titania for all seasons: Multifunctionality of an undercover semiconductor
(2010.09.06-10, Bremen, Germany)
2010.05.31:Titania for all seasons: Multifunctionality of an undercover semiconductor
(2010.09.20-24, Bremen, Germany)
2010.05.31:Passion for Knowledge - Passion for Interfaces
(2010.09.27-01(10), Donostia - San Sebastian)
2010.06.01:Recent Advances in Graphene and Related Materials
(2010.08.01-06, Singapore)
2010.06.06:Nanofair 2010 - 8th International Nanotechnology Symposiu
(2010.07.06-07, Dresden, Germany)
2010.06.06:Graphene School 2010
(2010.10.11-23, Cargese, France)
2010.06.14:Engineering of Functional Interfaces EnFI 2010
(2010.07.15-16, Marburg, Germany)
2010.06.21:14th International Workshop on Computational Electronics
(2010.10.27-29, Pisa, Italy)
2010.07.15:Exhaled Breath Analysis: From Sensors to Devices and Applications
(2010.10.24-29, Barga, Italy)
2010.07.16:The 27th European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS27)
(2010.08.29-03(09), Groningen, The Netherlands)
2010.07.16:Bionetics 2010
(2010.12.01-03, Boston, USA)
2010.08.13:24th International Conference on SURFACE MODIFICATION TECHNOLOGIES (SMT 24)
(2010.09.07-09, Dresden, Germany)
2010.08.15:JARA-FIT nanoelectronics days 2010
(2010.10.04-07, Aachen, Germany)
2010.08.15:International Conference on the Advancement of Materials and Nanotechnology
(2010.11.29-01(12), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2010.08.31:Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien
(2010.11.18-20, Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany)
2010.09.05:5th Nanowire Growth Workshop - NWG 2010
(2010.11.04-05, Rome, Italy)
2010.09.30:Artificial Olfaction and Electronic Nose (ISOEN 2011)
(2011.05.02-05, New York City, NY, USA)
2010. 10. 01: 6th Workshop on Advanced Nanomaterials
( 2010. 11. 04-05, Praha, Czech Republic)
2010. 10. 02: NanoVLSI Alliance workshop
( 2010. 11. 02-02, Passadena, CA, USA)
2010. 10. 02: NanoVLSI Alliance workshop
( 2010. 11. 02-02, Passadena, CA, USA)
2010.10.12:Molecular Electonics X
(2010.12.12-15, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico )
2010.10.15:3. Dresdner Medizintechnik-Symposium
(2010.12.06-08, Dresden, Germany)
(2010.12.06-10, Grenoble, France)
2010.11.01:NanoIsrael 2010
(2010.11.08-09, Tel Aviv, Israel)
2010.11.01:Graphene Brazil 2010
(2010.12.12-17, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
2010.11.02:Max Bergmann Symposium 2010: Biologische Funktionsschichten für Medizin und Technik
(2010.11.16, Max Bergmann Center, Dresden, Germany)
2010. 11. 02: MRS Spring Meeting 2011: MRS Symposium I: Nanoscale Heat Transfer¯Thermoelectrics, Thermophotovoltaics, and Emerging Thermal Devices
( 2011. 04. 25-29, San Francisco, CA, USA)
2010.11.15:75. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG Frühjahrstagung der Sektion AMOP (SAMOP) und der Sektion Kondensierte Materie (SKM)(Annual DPG Meeting and DPG-Spring Meeting of the Section Condensed Matter Physics)
(2011.03.14-18, Dresden, Germany)
2010. 11. 15: 21st International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF 2011)
( 2011. 06. 12-16, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
2010. 11. 20:Workshop on Simulation and Modeling of Emerging Electronics
( 2010. 12. 16-10, Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
2010.11.21:Symposium of Theory of Modeling and Simulation
(2011.04.04-09, Boston, MA, USA)
2010. 12. 01: First Principles Theory and Modeling in Organic Electronics
( 2011. 01. 31-03(02), Lausanne, Switzerland)
2010.12.15:Molecular Materials Meeting (M3)
(2011.01.10-11, Singapore)
2010. 12. 15: Symposium for Emerging Applications of Modeling and Simulation
( 2011. 04. 04-09, Boston, MA, USA)
2010. 12. 24: Nanomeeting 2011
( 2011. 05. 24-27, Minsk, Belarus)
2011.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2011
(2011.03.21-25, Dallas, TX, USA)
2011.01.05:International Winterschool on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials
(2011.02.26-05(03), Kirchberg, Austria)
2011.01.05:International Winterschool on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials
(2011.02.26-05(03), Kirchberg, Austria)
2011.01.11:Graphene 2011
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.14:PPM 2011 - Photonics/Plasmonics/Magneto-Optics
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.14:Trends in NanoApplicationa Energy
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.14:NanoBioMed 2011
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.14:Graphene 2011
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.14:NanoSpain 2011
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.14:Hig performance computing, nanoscience and nanotechnology (HPCNN11)
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.01.21:Villa Conferences on Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology
(2011.04.21-25, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
2011.01.24:Graphene Week 2010
(2011.04.24-29, Obergurgl, Austria)
2011.01.31:1st International Symposium on Integration of Molecular Components in Functional Macroscopic Systems
(2011.05.18-20, Dresden, Germany)
2011.02.01:Light-Harvesting Processes (LHP 2011)
(2011.01.10-14, Banz, Germany)
(2011.04.11-14, Bilbao, Spain)
2011.02.03:7. Deutsches BioSensor Symposium
(2011.04.03-06, Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany)
2011.02.11:Graphene: The Road to Application
(2011.05.11-13, Boston, USA)
2011.02.11:Graphene: The Road to Application
(2011.05.11-13, Boston, USA)
2011.02.15:Symposium on ab-initio based modelling, designing new materials with electronic structure calculations (within EUROMAT 2011)
(2011.09.12-15, Montpellier, France)
2011.02.18:8th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing 2011
(2011.05.11-13, Dublin, Ireland)
2011. 02. 23: 10th International Conference on the Structure of Surfaces
( 2011. 08. 01-05, Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
2011.02.29:4th Nano Safety for Success Dialogue: Assessing the science and issues at the science/regulation interface
(2011.03.29-30, Brussels, Belgium)
2011.03.12:Advances in Applied Physics and Materials Science Congress
(2011.05.12-15, Antalya, Turkey)
2011.03.14:NanoBio Europe 2011
(2011.06.14-16, Cork, Ireland)
2011.03.15:IEEE nano2011
(2011.08.15-18, Portland, OR, USA)
2011. 03. 24: Internationsl Conference on Composites / Nano Engineering (ICCE - 19)
( 2011. 07. 24-30, Shanghai, China )
2011.03.27:18th Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference (ISSC-18)
(2011.04.04-07, Warwick, UK)
2011.03.28:Hands-on Tutorial Workshop 2011 on Ab Initio Molecular Simulations
(2011.07.12-21, Berlin, Germany)
2011. 04. 01: 8th Liquid Matter Conference
( 2011. 09. 06-10, Vienna, Austria)
2011. 04. 03: Status meeting of the Priority Programme 1386 "Nanostrukturierte Thermoelektrika"
( 2011. 07. 03-06, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany)
2011.04.14:Charge transfer in Biosystems
(2011.07.17-22, Obergurgl, Austria)
2011.04.15:Semiconductor Technology for Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Thin Film Transistors III
(2011.06.27-01(07), Hong Kong, China)
2011.04.22:8th International Summer School/Conference: Let's face chaos through nonlinear dynamics
(2011.06.26-10(07), Maribor, Slovenia)
2011.04.30:Dresdner Konferenz Zukunft Energie
(2011.05.11-13, Dresden, Germany)
2011.04.30:Nanotechnology and Printed Electronics Symposium 2011 (Nanoprint)
(2011.07.04-05, Singapore)
2011.04.30:European Conference on Thermoelectrics
(2011.09.28-30, Thessaloniki, Greece)
2011.04.30:2011 World Congress on Engineering and Technology (CET 2011)
(2011.10.28-20, Shanghai, China)
2011.05.01:2011 Summer School on Human Olfaction
(2011.07.14-29, Dresden, Germany)
2011.05.01:Quantum phenomena in graphene, other low-dimensional materials and optical lattices
(2011.07.26-07(08), Erice, italy)
2011.05.04:Engineering of Chemical Complexity
(2011.07.04-08, Berlin, Germany)
2011.05.05:Models and Modeling Methodologies in Science and Engineering: MMMse 2011
(2011.07.19-22, Orlando, Florida, USA )
2011.05.15:Semiconductor Technology for Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Thin Film Transistors III
(2011.06.26-01(07), Hong Kong, China)
2011.05.15:International seminar on nanomechanical systems
(2011.07.04-05, Toulouse, France)
2011.05.20:Thermopower Symposium CH: Novel Thermoelectric Materials, Devices and Applications
(2011.08.14-18, Villars, Switzerland)
2011.05.23:International Conference on Mechanical Stress Evaluation by Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation
(2011.09.07-09, Hamburg, Germany)
2011.05.28:International Conference on Material Sciences and Technology (MST)
(2011.10.28-30, Shanghai, China)
2011.05.31:11th Dresden Microelectronics Academy
(2011.09.05-09, Dresden, Germany)
2011.06.01:Graphene: Fundamentals and Applications
(2011.06.20-26, Grenoble, France)
2011.06.01:MPA Meeting: Developments in materials, processes and applications of emerging technologies
(2011.06.27-29, Alvor, Portugal)
2011.06.01:Annual International Conference on Composites/Nano Engineering
(2011.07.24-30, Shanghai, China)
2011.06.16:First International Conference on Small Science
(2011.08.15-18, Sydney, Australia)
2011.06.20:8th Liquid Matter Conference
(2011.09.06-10, Vienna, Austria)
2011.06.20:9th European Thermoelectric Conference
(2011.09.28-30, Thessaloniki, Greece)
2011.06.30:ChinaNANO 2011
(2011.09.07-09, Beijing, China)
2011.06.31:Friction, Wear and Wear Protection
(2011.10.26-28, Karlsruhe, Germany)
2011.07.01:Carbon-Based Nano-Materials and Devices
(2011.10.17-22, Suzhou, China)
2011. 07. 10: Perspectives and challenges of simulations at bio-materials interfaces
( 2011. 10. 10-14, Bremen, Germany)
2011. 07. 10: Hands-on Tutorial on Computational Biophysics
( 2011. 10. 17-21, Bremen, Germany)
2011.07.15:12th Course on Physics and Chemistry in Nanobiotechnology
(2011.09.07-09, Jesi, Italy)
2011.07.15:CARBOMAT 2011 - Workshop on carbon-bases low dimensional materials
(2011.12.05-07, Catania, Italy)
2011.08.23:Carbon-Based Spintronics
(2011.10.24-28, Dresden, Germany)
2011.08.30:1st Annual World Congress of Nano-Science and Technology
(2011.10.23-26, Dalian, China)
2011.08.31:Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien
(2011.11.10-12, Giessen, Germany)
2011.10.31:International Workshop on Hybrid Excitations in Nano-Materials
(2011.12.18-20, Modena, Italy)
2011.11.04:Workshop SPP 1459: Graphene
(2011.12.04-08, Rothenfels, Germany)
2011.11.15:DPG Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Kondensierte Materie (SKM)(DPG-Spring Meeting of the Section Condensed Matter Physics)
(2012.03.04-09, Berlin, Germany)
2011.11.18:AtMol International Workshop 2012: Architecture and Design of Molecule Logic Gates and Atom Circuits
(2012.01.12-13, Barcelona, Spain)
2011.11.30:Bio-inspired Materials: International School and Conference
(2012.03.20-23, Potsdam, Germany)
2012.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2012
(2012.02.27-02(03), Boston, MA, USA)
2012.01.01:Hermes 2012: Summer school on materials modelling
(2012.07.27-30, Windsor, UK)
2012.03.01:Graphene 2012
(2012.04.10-13, Brussels, Belgium)
2012.05.01:Nanofair 2012
(2012.06.12-13, Dresden, Germany)
2012.05.20:Workshop Amasing: Alumni Materials Science Networking
(2012.06.04-09, Dresden, Germany)
2012.12.01:Symposium "Computational Challenges in Scale-Bridging Modeling of Materials (SYMM)", DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section
(2013.03.14, University of Regensburg)
2012.12.16:Germany-Japan Joint Workshop "Organic Electronics"
(2013.01.28, Tokyo, Japan)
2012.12.17:526. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar "Functional Magnetic Nanomembranes"
(2013.03.04-06, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany)
2013.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2013
(2013.03.18-22, Baltimore, MD, USA)
2013.01.15:Second International Advanced Materials Science Networking (AMASING) - Workshop: "Applications of NANOTECHNOLOGY for the Environment"
(2013.03.18-23, Danang, Vietnam )
2013.01.16:E-MRS 2013 SPRING MEETING
(2013.05.27-31, Strasbourg, France)
(2013.04.23-26, Bilbao, Spain)
2013.02.15:16th International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE 2013)
(2013.06.04-07, Osaka, Japan)
2013.02.25:9th International Conference on Organic Electronics ICOE 2013
(2013.06.17-20, Grenoble, France)
2013.03.18:International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials
(2013.09.02-05, Riva del Garda, Italy)
2013.03.31:International Conference on Advances in Nano Research (ICANR13)
(2013.08.25-28, Seoul, Korea)
2013.03.31:The 2013 World Congress on Advances in Nano, Biomechanics, Robotics, and Energy Research (ANBRE13)
(2013.08.25-28, Seoul, Korea)
2013.04.30:International Symposium "Single Molecular Machines and Motors"
(2013.06.19-20, Toulouse, France)
2013.04.30:3rd International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers
(2013.09.13-17, Prague, Czech Republic )
2013.05.31:International CECAM-Workshop "Nanophononics"
(2013.08.19-23, University of Bremen)
2013.07.10:XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2013)
(2013.09.25-28, )
2013.07.28:Black Forest Focus 9: Protein Dynamics: From Water Hydration to Crowding Effects
(2013.09.25-29, Black Forest area close to Freiburg)
2013.07.29:Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2013)
(2013.09.09-13, )
2013.08.30:Dresden School on Functional Nanomaterials
(2013.09.30-04, Dresden, Germany)
2013.08.31:3rd International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
(2013.12.01-03, )
2014.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2014
(2014.03.03-07, Denver, CO, USA)
..:Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2014)
(2014.10.27-31, )
2015.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2015
(2015.03.02-06, San Antonio, TX, USA)
..:EFDS Workshop: „Graphenschichten: Abscheideverfahren und Eigenschaften“
(2015.11.03, IKTS, Dresden)
2016.01.01:Annual APS March Meeting 2016
(2016.03.14-18, Baltimore, MD, USA)
2016.06 .15:MolArNet Workshop on "Supramolecular Assembly: towards Novel Functional Materials and Devices"
(2016.09.06-09, MUST (Museo Storico Citta di Lecce), Lecce, Italy)
2017.0.31:International Summer School DCMS Materials 4.0
(2017.09.11-15 , TU Dresden, Germany)
2017.03.31:14th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME), 2017
(2017.08.29-09.02 , International Congress Center Dresden, Germany)
2017.04.15:MAM 17 - Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures and Materials
(2017.06.06-10, Sochi, Roza Khutor Resort, Russia)
..:Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2017)
(2017.06.05-09, TU Dresden Auditorium Center, Dresden, Germany)
..:18. Wörlitzer Workshop: Selbstorganisierende Schichtstrukturen
(2017.06.19-20, Ringhotel Zum Stein, Wörlitz)
2017.07.25:NaboBioSensors Conference 2017
(2017.09.04-05, TU Dresden, Germany)
2018.02.26:Graphene 2018
(2018.06.26-29, Dresden, Germany)
2018.12.28:I3S - 7th International Symposium on Sensor Science
(2019.05.09-11, Centro Congressi Federico II, Napoli, Italy)
2019.02.26:Graphene 2019
(2019.06.25-28, Rome, Italy)
2019.07.01: International Conference on Computers and devices for Communication (CODEC)
(2019.12.19-20, Kolkata, India)
..:INSA-DFG Workshop on Correlations and transport in one-dimensional structures
(2019.07.04-06, Dresden, Germany)
..:I3S - 8th International Symposium on Sensor Science
(2020.06.03-05, Dresden, Germany)

next deadlines

2022.01.01: International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals (ICSM) 2022
(2022.07.03-08, Dresden, Germany)
(.., )
upon invitation..:1. Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2012
(2010.12.8-10, Technische Universität Dresden)
upon invitation..:2. Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2012
(2011.12.08-09, Technische Universität Dresden)
upon invitation..:3. Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2012
(2012.12.06-07, Technische Universität Dresden)
upon invitation..:Dresden-Japan Workshop on Molecular Scale and Organic Electronic Materials
(2012.12.11-13, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS), Dresden, Germany )
upon invitation..:4. Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2012
(2013.11.18-19, Technische Universität Dresden)
upon invitation..:6. Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2016
(2016.12.08-09, The Westin Bellevue Hotel Dresden)
upon invitation..:7. Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2018
(2018.12.06-07, The Westin Bellevue Hotel Dresden)


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