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» funding   » Nachwuchsgruppe "Molecular Computing" (MCG)

Nachwuchsgruppe "Molecular Computing" (MCG)

(one institution project)

title:Nachwuchsgruppe "Molecular Computing" (MCG)
code:I/78 340
program:"Nachwuchsgruppen" at German Universities
time frame:2003-2007
web page:
publications:project related (p)reprints listing (with link to the pdf files)


The Molecular Computing group is supported by the Volkswagen Foundation. The Volkswagen Foundation, an autonomous non-profit organization incorporated under private law, is the largest private funder of higher education and research in Germany. An important part of its mission is to provide support to aspiring young academics, promote international exchange and to enhance the structural conditions for research and higher education. [more... (external link)]

about Junior Research Groups at German Universities

``With its program «Nachwuchsgruppen (Junior Research Groups) at German Universities», the Volkswagen Foundation provides opportunities for outstandingly qualified researchers at an early stage in their career to independently pursue research in new and interdisciplinary areas. Based upon a thoroughly defined selection process they will become leaders of their own group and will have considerable funds at their disposal. The program aims to establish junior research groups as a new funding mode at German universities. The group research should focus on an interdisciplinary and particularly innovative - conceivably even risky - research area or may aim to establish innovative methods in traditional or developing research fields.''
The map at this link shows the distribution of the Junior Research Groups on the German territory
The Junior Research Group program has been terminated in 2002. In parallel the VWF board of trustees decided upon a new initiative to "Stiftungsprofessuren neuer Art". [more... (external link)]

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