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Humboldt Research Fellowship for Dr. Luis Foa Torres

(research fellowship)

title:Humboldt Research Fellowship for Dr. Luis Foa Torres
agency:Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
code:ARG 1128737 STP
time frame:2008-2009
web page:


Dr. Luis Foa Torres received the prestigious Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Fellowship. His research, which will be carried out at the Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology under the supervision of Prof. Cuniberti, will focus in time-dependent transport in carbon-based materials. Born in 1978 in Argentina, Luis obtained his degree in Physics in 1999 at the University of Cordoba (Argentina) with an overall score among the top 5 percent of students (9.17, scale 1-10). In 2004, he finished his Ph.D. in physics at the same university in the group of Horacio Pastawski. Then he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste). On October 2005 he moved to the Commissariat à'Energie Atomique in Grenoble to work within the framework of the CEA-Chimtronique programm in collaboration with Stephan Roche. Two years later, he moved to the Dresden University of Technology, where he is currently working with Gianaurelio Cuniberti in the framework of the CARDEQ EU Project. Since his masters degree, quantum transport in mesoscopic and molecular systems has been his main subject of research, he contributed to topics including the effects of electron-phonon interaction, conductance fluctuations in Coulomb-blockade quantum dots, time-dependent phenomena at the quantum limit and decoherence. Some highlights of his research include: the proposal of a device for the generation of terahertz coherent sound (Saser), the study of mono-parametric quantum charge pumping and the proposal of a Peierls-like mechanism in carbon nanotubes.

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