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Spintronic Components based on Chiral Molecules


title:Spintronic Components based on Chiral Molecules
time frame:2014-2017


In this project we propose to realize a new avenue into spin electronics ñ spintronics ñ by utilizing chiral organic molecules as building blocks for novel prototypical spintronic devices. The project is based on recent discoveries of the partners, in which they proved a spin-selective electron transmission through self-assembled monolayers of helical molecules (DNA, bacteriorhodopsin) and spin-selective electron conduction through single DNA molecules, reaching polarization values of up to 60% at room temperature. Further, a prototype of a chiral spin memory device has been shown. All partners contributed significantly to these discoveries and were involved in providing a first theoretical insight. We expect that a thorough understanding and theory-guided assembly of optimal chiral or helical nanostructures will yield functional spin-based devices such as memory, XOR gates, and spin-based transistors, which will be built and their function be evaluated. In a later stage laterally nanostructured spin-selective contacts and devices will be produced by dip-pen nanolithography.

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