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Wednesday, 12 November 2012

DNA-Origami: Dresdner Students received a Gold medal in Harvard

Maryam Vahdatzadeh (on the right of the picture), who is a SHK in our group working together with Lotta, was part of a team of 8 students from TU Dresden, who participated in the BIOMOD competition at Harvard University (USA) this year.

BIOMOD is a BIO-MOlecular Design competition that provides undergraduates an opportunity to systematically engineer the self-assembly of biological macromolecules into complex nanoscale machines for scientific and technological purposes. Students form teams in the early spring, and then spend the summer to design, build, and analyze their systems. All teams coming from all around the world converged at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard on 3rd of November 2012 to present their work. The team of Maryam, who call themselves "Dresden Nanosaurs", defended their work about a novel signal-driven tethering system based on DNA origami successfully receiving a Gold medal and becoming overall 2nd among about 20 teams. In all sub-categories, that is Audience Choice Award, Best Wiki, Best YouTube video and Best Presentation they were under the top 3 teams.
For further information on their project, an article in the local newspaper and BIOMOD itself please follow the links:

"Dresden Nanosaurs" wikipage

BIOMOD design competition

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