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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Poster prize to Eunhye Baek

The NanoNet annual workshop is organized for IHRS NanoNet participants and invited international experts on nano- and molecular electronics. In this year, doctoral candidates presented their research work by talk and poster and the best poster prize was given to Eunhye Baek with the poster title "optoelectronic double-gate modulation in metal ion-doped thin film-coated Si Nanowire FETs". This work shows that special polarization characteristics of metal-doped silicate film enhances the gate controllability of the devices. In addition, she figures out that the transistors are selectively modulated by the light-induced gate potential and the electrical back gate potential. Finally, the devices shows linear photoresponsibility depending on the wavelength and the intensity of the light for photodetecting application.

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