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Thursday, 07 January 2016

Presentation at the ‘Alfred-Kärcher-Innovationsempfang’

Recently the Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung invited M. Sc. Sara Teixeira and Dr. Klaus Kühn to give a presentation at the ‘Alfred-Kärcher-Innovationsempfang’. They showed the results of their ‘Alfred Kärcher-Forschungsvorhaben 2014`: ‘Verminderung der Gefahr von multiresistenten bakteriellen Erregern durch die Eliminierung von Antibiotikarückständen im Abwasser’ donated with 35.000 €. The presentation was about the successful destruction of antibiotics in wastewater by oxidation with removable magnetic photocatalytic particles and UV-radiation. It was proved very clearly that easily removable magnetic photocatalytic particles are comparable in degradation power to non-magnetic, non-removable catalysts in suspension. Furthermore aspects contributing to the sustainability of the process were indicated. Additionally M. Sc. Sara Teixeira and Dr. Klaus Kühn showed the results of a plug flow reactor, suitable to be extended towards real conditions.
The friendly atmosphere and the interested people made the ‘Alfred-Kärcher-Innovationsempfang’ remarkable for the guests (and, as we think, for the audience).

Photo on the right: After the presentation: Johannes Kärcher (Vorsitzender des Kuratoriums der Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung, Sohn von Alfred Kärcher und Gesellschafter der Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG), M. Sc. Sara Teixeira (TU Dresden), Dr. Klaus Kühn (TU Dresden), Hartmut Jenner (Stiftungsvorstand der Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung und Geschäftsführer der Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG) und Dr. Ulrich Hagenmeyer (Stiftungsbeauftragter der Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung), Copyright Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung. Photo top-left: Audience during the presentation, Copyright Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung. Photo bottom-left: The beautiful patio and the conference hall (right side), where the ‘Alfred-Kärcher-Innovationsempfang’ took place, Copyright Brigida González

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