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Thursday, 21 July 2005

Regensburg Inelastic Day

Patrizierstube, Haus der Begegnung, Hinter der Grieb 8

One-day workshop on quantum transport through vibrating molecules. With this formula, the meeting of the two teams AG Cuniberti (Uni-Regensburg) and AG Thoss (TU-Munich) will foster informal discussions and scientific exchange on inelastic quantum transport. The location frame is the Regensburg historical "Patrizierstube" in the

Haus der Begegnung, Hinter der Grieb 8, D-93047 Regensburg
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Vitus restaurant
the Patrizierstube seen from Hinter der Grieb
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(tentative) AGENDA

10.30-10.50get together

10.50-11.00intro (GC)
11.00-12.00Abraham Nitzan (Tel Aviv University):
Phonon and photons in molecular conduction

12.00-12.30Ivan Kondov (TU-Munich):
Electron transfer at dye-semiconductor interfaces
12.30-13.00Dima Ryndyk (Uni-Regensburg):
Inelastic electron tunneling in STM-based molecular conduction

13.00-14.00lunch at "Vitus"

14.00-15.0010 min talks (4 slides) on the various projects in our two groups
15.00-16.15discussion of the open problems in the current literature on vibronic q-transport, with identification of the selected problems that we are able to address and that may shed light onto relevant open issues
16.30-18.00common discussion on the available methods in our teams and the possible interconnections

18:30-21.00dinner at "L'Osteria"
21.30Mute Movie: The Holy Mountain by Arnold Frank (1926) (Thon-Dittmer-Hof)


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