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Transport of one dimensional correlated electrons

M. Sassetti, G. Cuniberti, and B. Kramer

In Correlated Fermions and Transport in Mesoscopic Systems. Edited by T. Martin, G. Montambaux, and J. Trân Thanh Vân, XXXI Recontres de Moriond, Editions Frontières (1996)

ISBN: 286332201X

Several recent results concerning frequency dependent and nonlinear transport of one-dimensional correlated electrons are reviewed. The frequency dependent conductance of a Luttinger liquid is discussed. For zero-range interaction the conductance is similar to that of a non-interacting ideal quantum wire, with a renormalized zero-frequency limit. For a screened Coulomb potential, the conductance as a function of the frequency shows features of the elementary excitations. They can be simulated in terms of a capacitance, an inductance and a resistance. The non-linear DC-conductance of the Luttinger liquid in presence of a tunnel barrier shows Coulomb blockade if the interaction is of finite range. The capacitance scales in the same way as for the system without the tunnel barrier. The linear DC-response of a tunnel barrier as a function of the frequency and the voltage of a monochromatic driving field shows oscillations which can be interpreted as signature of a frequency-induced depinning of a charge density wave.

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