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» presentations   » 2006.05.29-01(06)

Nonequilibrium molecular vibrons

D. A. Ryndyk and G. Cuniberti

371th Wilhelm Heinrich und Else Heraeus Seminar on ``Quantum Transport at the Molecular Scale''

2006.05.29-01(06); Bad Honnef, Germany

We consider the nonequilibrium quantum vibrations of a molecule clamped between two macroscopic leads in a current-carrying state at finite voltages. Our approach is based on the nonequilibrium Green function technique and the self-consistent Born approximation. Kinetic equations for the average populations of electrons and vibrons are formulated in the weak electron-vibron coupling case and self-consistent solutions are obtained. The effects of vibron emission and vibronic instability are demonstrated using few-orbital models. The importance of the electronvibron resonance is shown.
[1] D. A. Ryndyk, M. Hartung, and G. Cuniberti, Phys. Rev. B 73, 045420 (2006)

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