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» presentations   » 2007.01.19

Contact dependence of carrier injection in carbon nanotubes (invited talk)

G. Cuniberti

2nd Spanish Molecular electronics Symposium - SMS2007

2007.01.19; Toulouse, France

We combine ab initio density functional theory with transport calculations to provide a microscopic basis for distinguishing between `good' and `poor' metal contacts to nanotubes. Comparing Ti and Pd as examples of different contact metals, we trace back the observed superiority of Pd to the nature of the metal-nanotube hybridization. Based on large scale Landauer transport calculations, we suggest that the `optimum' metal-nanotube contact combines a weak hybridization with a large contact length between the metal and the nanotube.
N. Nemec, D. Tomanek, and G. Cuniberti, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 076802 (2006).

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