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» presentations   » 2008.02.26

Switching response of DNA conduction under stretching (TT 14.4)

B. Song , M. Elstner , and G. Cuniberti

Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, AKF Frühjahrstagung 2008
German Physical Society, Spring Meeting 2008

2008.02.26; (TUB H3010) Berlin, Germany

By merging DFTB calculations and model-Hamiltonian approaches, we study the stretching-twisting process of poly(GC) DNA oligomers. A local maximum for the transfer integral t between two nearest- neighbor GC pairs is found in the stretching process, which arises from the competition between stretching and twisting. This results in a local maximum for the current in the case that the electrode-DNA coupling is greater than t. Reducing to the values smaller than t gives rise to plateaus in the current. The heights of such plateaus are almost equal to each other.

abstract (pdf)

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