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Photo-induced transport and self-consistency in a quantum wire

 A. Fechner , G. Cuniberti, M. Sassetti, and B. Kramer

LOCALIZATION 1999: Disorder and Interaction in Transport Phenomena

1999.07-08; Hamburg, Germany

We investigate the time-dependent transport properties of a single-channel quantum wire with a barrier in the presence of electron-electron interactions exploiting the Luttinger model [1,2]. In the stationary limit, the system exhibits a non-linear I-V characteristic due to the presence of both, the barrier and the electron-electron interactions [3]. In frequency-dependent transport, the dynamical interplay between charge-currents and electromagnetic fields has to be considered, especially in the presence of non-linear effects [4]. The electromagnetic properties are governed by Maxwell's equations which are applicable only in three dimensions and in the presence of Coulomb interaction. Currents as a consequence of fields are calculated microscopically by using the path integral method. We introduce and discuss a formalism permitting a self-consistent treatment of charge-current and electromagnetic fields. In particular, we consider the dc-photo induced current and harmonic generation which are not driven by an external field alone but by the superposition of the external field and the induced field generated by the system. We discuss the influence of the spatial shape of a monochromatic driving field of frequency , on the transport properties. Due to the non-linearity, the photo-current contains contributions due to harmonics of the driving field. It is found that the occupation probabilities of these sidebands depend on the spatial range of the driving electric field.

[1] F. D. M. Haldane, J. Phys. C 14 (1981) 2585.
[2] J. Voit, Rep. Prog. Phys. 58 (1995) 977.
[3] C. L. Kane, M. P. A. Fisher, Phys. Rev. B 46 (1992) 15233.
[4] O. Keller, Phys. Rep. 268 (1996) 85.

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