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» presentations   » 2009.09.07-11

Effect of Edge Disorder on the Electron and Phonon Transport through Graphene Nanoribbons

H. Sevincli, G. Cuniberti

Thermoelectric Transport: Progress in First Principles and Other Approaches, and the Interplay with Experiment

2009.09.07-11; Barcelona, Spain

We study electronic as well as phononic transmission through graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) including edge disorder. Electronic transport through GNRs with armchair edges are known to be very sensitive to edge disorder. On the contrary, zigzag GNRs have more robust electronic transport properties near the Fermi energy, except that a transport gap opens. We analyze electronic and phononic transmission through zigzag GNRs depending on the width and the length of the sample. The mean free paths are calculated and the possibility of thermoelectric applications are discussed.

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