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» presentations   » 2010.03.18

Functionalizing graphene by embedded boron clusters

C. Özdogam, J. Kunstmann, A. Quandt, and H. Fehske

APS March Meeting 2010

2010.03.18; (Ballroom 252) Portland, Oregon, USA

We present results from an ab initio study of B7 clusters implanted into graphene [1,2]. Our model system consists of an alternating chain of quasiplanar B7 clusters. We show that graphene easily accepts these alternating B7-C6 chains and that the implanted boron components may dramatically modify the electronic properties. This suggests that our model system might serve as a blueprint for the controlled layout of graphene based nanodevices, where the semiconducting properties are supplemented by parts of the graphene matrix itself, and the basic metallic wiring is provided by alternating chains of implanted boron clusters.
[1] A. Quandt, C. Özdogan, J. Kunstmann, and H. Fehske, Nanotechnology 19, 335707 (2008).
[2] A. Quandt, C. Özdogan, J. Kunstmann, and H. Fehske, phys. stat. solidi (b) 245, 2077 (2008).

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