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» presentations   » 2011.10.24-28

Graphene edge magnetism for spintronics applications: Dream or reality?

J. Kunstmann, C. Ozdogan , A. Quandt, H. Fehske

Carbon-based Spintronics

2011.10.24-28; Dresden, Germany

We critically discuss the stability of edge states and edge magnetism in zigzag edge graphene nanoribbons (ZGNRs). We point out that magnetic edge states might not exist in real systems, and show that there are at least three very natural mechanisms - edge reconstruction, edge passivation, and edge closure - which dramatically reduce the effect of edge states in ZGNRs or even totally eliminate them. Even if systems with magnetic edge states could be made, the intrinsic magnetism would not be stable at room temperature. Charge doping and the presence of edge defects further destabilize the intrinsic magnetism of such systems. We conclude that edge magnetism within graphenes ZGNRs is much too weak to be of practical significance, in particular for spintronics applications. We further discuss the influence of nonmagnetic edges on the electron transport through ZGNRs.

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