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» presentations   » 2011.11.28-01(12)

STM measurements on subphthalocyanine nanowheels

A. Nickel, J. Meyer, R. Ohmann, G. Rapenne, H.-P. Jaquot, C. Joachim, F. Moresco, G. Cuniberti

Latest developments in Scanning Probe Techniques focused on NanotechnologySimulation and Modeling of Emerging Electronics

2011.11.28-01(12); Bad Honnef, Germany

Manipulation of single molecules with a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) tip is a well established technique to study the adsorption of molecules and their mechanical properties on a surface. Recent progress in molecular manipulation has stimulated the design and synthesis of molecules that mimic macroscopic machinery, trans- posing mechanical functions to the scale of a single molecule. Here, we present the first low temperature STM measurements of a new class of nanowheels on Au(111). A nanowheel consists of two subphthalocyanine molecules connected by a carbon axis. The phthalocyanine fragments are nitrogen-tagged. Due to the tagging it should be possible to follow the rolling motion of the wheel just by imaging the molecule. A fast dissociation of the molecules with temperatures and light intensity is expected. Therefore, the evaporation temperature was kept as low as possible and after evaporation the sample was transferred immediately into the STM to minimize temperature and light effects. Nanowheels on Au(111) were imaged by STM, showing intact molecules as well as fragments. These first results show that the nanowheels can be deposited intact on a metal surface and that it is therefore possible to manipulate them with the STM tip and to follow the rotation of the tags.

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