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» presentations   » 2012.12.11-13

Functional Silicon Nanowires Devices

Larysa Baraban, Sebastian Pregl, Lotta Römhildt, Felix Zoergiebel, Eunhye Baek, Jörg Opitz, Walter Weber, Thomas Mikolajick, Gianaurelio Cuniberti

German-Japanese Workshop

2012.12.11-13; Germany

Here we present and fully characterize the sensor platform based on silicon nanowires Schottky barrier field effect transistor (SB FET). This platform consists of parallel arrays of bottom-up grown silicon nanowires, able to deliver macroscopic current output while preserving the positive nanoscopic attributes of the SB FET systems (Figure). We focus on the following aspects of the sensor functioning and characterization: (i) fabrication and characterization of the SB-FET nanodevices; (ii) biochemical functionalization of the silicon nanowire. As a first application we demonstrate a SB FET pH sensor and photosensitive hybrid device, based on silicon nanowires.

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