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» presentations   » 2013.06.20

Moving Nanostructures: Pulse Induced Positioning of Supramolecular Assemblies

Francesca Moresco

International symposium on molecular machines and motors

2013.06.20; CEMES CNRS, Toulouse, France

Several methods have been developed in the last years to manipulate molecules using STM including lateral, vertical, and electrical induced manipulation. In this talk, experiments will be reviewed, where the manipulation process can be controlled by varying one of three main parameters: the electric field, the tunneling current and the forces between tip and surface. In this way, molecules can be exactly positioned on a metal surface and conformational changes can be induced. However, for the construction of larger and higher order structures, it is important to move not only one adsorbate, but several at the same time. Therefore, a purely electronic excitation method was developed for the controlled movement of weakly interacting assemblies of few molecules. The structures are comprised of 4-Acetylbiphenyl molecules on Au(111). By applying voltage pulses, the supramolecular nanostructure is moved in a controlled manner without losing its collective integrity. Depending on the applied voltage, several types of movements (translation, rotation, reorganization) are achieved. By applying consecutive pulses, the structure can be manipulated over larger distances in defined directions.

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