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» presentations   » 2015.10.04-08

Charge transport properties of boron nanotubes

Jens Kunstman, Viktor Bezugly, Frederic Carl Berndt, Enlong Liu, Gianaurelio Cuniberti

MS & MS & TT 2015

2015.10.04-08; Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Atomically thin boron structures such as flakes, nanotubes, fullerenes or 2D sheets are of huge interest to the nanoscience community. After convincing ourselves that the recently synthesized elemental boron nanotubes (BNTs) can indeed exist and are thermally stable we studied their coherent charge transport properties. First, we investigated the impact of defects and structural disorder and found that BNTs are highly conductive even in presence of structural defects. Then, we studied the interface between several BNTs and a metal surface and found that such interfaces are nearly transparent, Ohmic contacts. Our results indicate that BNTs have superior properties that are highly demanded for the development of nanoscale devices.

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