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» presentations   » 2017.03.22

Donor-acceptor-donor molecules for on-surface polymerization

Dmitry Skidin, Frank Eisenhut, Justus Krüger, Tim Erdmann, Anton Kiriy, Brigitte Voit, Francesca Moresco, and Gianaurelio Cuniberti

DPG Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Kondensierte Materie (SKM)

2017.03.22; Dresden, Germany

One of the main tasks of the modern molecular electronics is the formation of supramolecular functional units for the circuitry at nanoscale. In this regard flexible molecular wires with finite band gap and high conductivity are of essential importance. Therefore, the molecules with alternating donor and acceptor units are perspective precursors for the formation of such wires. [1] We employ conjugated diketopyrrolopyrrole-based molecules of the donor-acceptor-donor type to grow organic polymers on the surface. After the deposition of individual brominated monomers on Au(111) surface the sample is annealed to promote polymerization via Ullmann coupling. Structural and electronic properties of the stabilized molecular wires can be studied using low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. STM lifting experiments are performed to investigate the conductance of the wires.

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