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» presentations   » 2002.12.15-19

Electron transport through pure carbon devices and DNA wires

G. Cuniberti

6th Engineering Foundation Conference on Molecular-scale Electronics

2002.12.15-19; Key West (FL), USA

Recent transport measurements through single molecules are calling upon a detailed theoretical comprehension of quantum transport on the molecular scale. This talk is focused on both general methods and concrete structures. The calculus of linear and nonlinear transport in a molecular device is first addressed by introducing the theoretical tools of coherent transport. The implementation of these instruments to realistic structures allows to draw rather general conclusions on the mechanisms of charge transport in experimental devices. In particular, the analysis of a carbon nanotube ring [1] and a short (polyG-polyC) DNA wire [2] provides physical understanding which is supported by the good agreement with the experimental data.
[1] G. Cuniberti, J. Yi, and M. Porto, Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 850 (2002).
[2] G. Cuniberti, L. Craco, D. Porath, and C. Dekker, Phys. Rev. B 65, 241314(R) (2002).

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