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Frequency dependent transport in a quantum wire

 G. Cuniberti , M. Sassetti, and B. Kramer

II INFM Meeting: ``Congresso Nazionale di Fisica della Materia''

1998.06; Rimini, Italy

Several examples of frequency dependent phenomena in quantum wires, which display interaction and correlation effects, are presented. Inelastic light scattering allows for the investigation of the electronic charge and spin density collective excitation. It is shown that the so called intraband ``Single Particle Excitation'' observed in the polarized spectra [1,2] are identified as signatures of the collective spin-density excitations [3]. They appear in the ``polarized configuration'' (parallel polarization of incoming and outgoing light) due to a resonance-induced relaxation of the commonly accepted selection rule which predicts that the spin density excitations can only appear in the non-polarized configuration. The complex AC response of a quantum wire with an interaction potential of finite range is also investigated [4]. The influence of the screening of the electric field is shown. The complex absorptive conductance is analyzed in terms of resistive, capacitive and inductive behaviors.

[1] A. R. Goi et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 67, 3298 (1991).
[2] C. Schüller et al., Phys. Rev. B 54, R17304 (1996).
[3] M. Sassetti and B. Kramer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 1485 (1998).
[4] G. Cuniberti, M. Sassetti, and B. Kramer, Phys. Rev. B 57, 1515 (1998).

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