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» presentations   » 2004.06.26-02(07)

The puzzle of contrast inversion in DNA STM imaging (invited talk)

J. Yi, E. Shapir, H. Cohen, A. Kotlyar, D. Porath, and  G. Cuniberti 

From Solid State To BioPhysics II: Role of Inhomogeneities in Solid, Soft and Bio-Matter

2004.06.26-02(07); Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia

STM images of DNA molecules on gold substrate display contrast inversions both while adjusting current-setting and spontaneously. Such a feature turns out to be associated with long-range characteristics in the tunneling-distance spectroscopy that is not explainable within the WKB formulation, the widely used semiclassical theory for fitting STM images. Here we render a picture, compatible with the experimental observations, by suggesting a model for resonant tunneling through structured vacuum levels formed by the DNA as a macro-charged-polyelectrolyte.

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