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» presentations   » 2005.06.26-30

Magnetoresistance of disordered carbon nanotubes

N. Nemec and G. Cuniberti

CCTN'05: Computational Challenges and Tools for Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube'05

2005.06.26-30; Gothenburg, Sweden

Localization effects, resulting from an interplay between disorder and magnetic fields in charge transport, are typically studied for systems with simple bandstructure like quantum wires or free electrons in confining potentials. CNTs, though, are known for their peculiar bandstructure, which has shown to cause some intriguing effects in combination with weak-localization in recent experiments. [1] We study the interplay of the nontrivial bandstructure with disorder and magnetic fields in single wall CNTs at realistic lengths of several 100 nm, within the Anderson model for tight binding hamiltonians. We quantify the elastic mean-free-path as well as the localization length in the full energy spectrum. Furthermore, we match the complicated magnetoconductance behavior with the bandstructure distortions caused by magnetic fields and identify the correction caused by weak localization.

[1] Bernhard Stojetz et. al., cond-mat/0410764

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