Erasmus Mundus Master in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

First year in Leuven

In the first year, the students follow a common program at the KU Leuven, where they are offered a set of nanoscience and nanotechnology fundamental courses, general interest courses, the core courses of the programme, and some electives to prepare them for the specialization in their major.

Second year in Dresden

In the second year, the Major courses on Nanoelectronics, Biophysics or Organic and Molecular Electronics offered in Dresden prepare for the master thesis project. They consist of courses with a general character as well of courses highly specialized and directly related to the master thesis research. The Broadening (or minor) courses allow the students to choose courses from the other themes of the master, which help them to broaden their scope beyond the chosen specialization. Students can choose from a large set of courses offered at TU Dresden. The Program is concluded by the Master thesis research project, whichis intended to bring the student in close contact with a multinational and multidisciplinary research environment of a research institute in academia or in industry. The student will be assigned a relevant research project and workin close collaboration with PhD students, postdocs and professors. The research project is finalized with a public presentation of a Master Thesis at TU Dresden.


Practical Information and Getting Started

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Organic and Molecular Electronics

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