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» conference organization   » 2007.03.26-29

venue:Regensburg, Germany
organizers:G. Cuniberti (TT27), T. Seyller (HL37)

PV session Monday 26.03.2007

PV 108:30Â?09:15H1(key note talk) Understanding nanostructures: nanotubes, nanowires, and graphene nanoribbons - Steven G. Louie

DS11 session Tuesday 27.03.2007

DS11.611:45Â?12:15H32(invited talk) Graphene: A new Electronic Material - Max Christian Lemme, Tim Echtermeyer, Matthias Bauspdf

O29 session Tuesday 27.03.2007

O2914:45Â?15:30H36(invited talk) Many-Body Interactions in Clean and Alkali-Adsorbed Graphene - E. Rotenberg, A. Bostwick, T. Ohta, J. McChesney, Th. Seyller, and K. Horn

O31 session Tuesday 27.03.2007

O3115:45Â?16:00H38Theoretical insight into the oxidation of nanoporous carbon materials - Johan M. Carlsson and Matthias Scheffler

HL37 Fachsymposium "Graphene: experiments" Thursday 29.03.2007
organization: T. Seyller (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

HL37.110:00Â?10:30H15(invited talk) Photoelectron spectroscopy of graphene on SiC: growth, interface and electronic structure - A. Bostwick, K.V. Emtsev, K. Horn, E. Huwald, L. Ley, J.L. McChesney, T. Ohta, J. Riley, E. Rotenberg, Â?Th. Seyller, F. Speckpdf
HL37.210:30Â?11:00H15(invited talk) Raman Imaging of Graphene - Davy Graf, Francoise Molitor, Â?Klaus Ensslin, Christoph Stampfer, Alain Jungen, Christopher Hieroldpdf
HL37.311:00Â?11:30H15(invited talk) Electronic confinement and coherence in high mobility epitaxial graphene - Claire Berger
HL37.411:30Â?12:00H15(invited talk) News from the quantum Hall effects in graphene - Uli Zeitlerpdf
HL37.512:00Â?12:30H15(invited talk) The structure of suspended graphene membranes - J. C. Meyer, A. K. Geim, M. I. Katsnelson, K. S. Novoselov, T. Booth, D. Obergfell, S. Roth, C. Girit, A. Kis, A. Zettlpdf

TT27 Fachsymposium "Graphene: theory" Thursday 29.03.2007
organization: G. Cuniberti (Universität Regensburg)

TT27.114:00Â?14:30H20(invited talk) Graphene: New bridge between condensed matter physics and QED - Mikhail Katsnelsonpdf
TT27.214:30Â?14:55H20Magnetic confinement of massless Dirac fermions in graphene - W. Häuslerpdf
TT27.314:55Â?15:20H20Designing pencil traces for spintronics - Inanc Adagideli, Michael Wimmer, Savas Berber, Klaus Richter and David Tomanek
TT27.415:20Â?15:50H20(invited talk) Transport properties of mesoscopic graphene - Björn Trauzettelpdf
TT27.515:50Â?16:15H20Scattering approach to disordered graphene - Mikhail Titovpdf
TT27.616:15Â?16:40H20Hofstadter butterflies of graphene and carbon nanotubes - Norbert Nemec and Gianaurelio Cunibertipdf

HL49 session Thursday 29.03.2007

HL49.117:30Â?17:45H17Fabry-Perot interference in graphene ribbons - Miriam del Valle and Gianaurelio Cunibertipdf
HL49.217:45Â?18:00H17Spatially inhomogeneous states of charge carriers in graphene - Alexander Chaplik and Â?Timur Tudorovskiypdf
HL49.218:00Â?18:15H17Effects of defects and disorder in graphene nanoribbons - Gabriel Niebler, Norbert Nemec and Gianaurelio Cunibertipdf

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