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» conference organization   » 2007.04.20

venue:Regensburg, Germany
event:Modeling DNA charge migration
organizers:G. Cuniberti, R. Gutierrez
announcement:pdf file
scope:In view of the continuous growing research in molecular electronics and the fascinating potential applications of DNA in the design of electronic circuits at the molecular scale, it is timely to bring together scientists working on the field of charge transport and charge transfer in DNA oligomers. We will address in this Workshop state of the art computational methodologies as well as modelbased approaches for charge transfer/transport in artificial and natural DNA.
Yuri BerlinCharge transfer, conductance, and detection of a single mismatch in DNApdf
Rosa Di FeliceQuantum and classical simulations of DNA derivativespdf
Andrey V. MalyshevCharge transport through gated DNA; role of the helical confirmationpdf
Dima RyndykSTM spectroscopy of single DNA molecules pdf
Benjamin B. SchmidtInfluence of vibrational modes on the electronic properties of DNA pdf
Bo SongConduction of DNA wires: merging DFT and model Hamiltonian descriptions pdf
Jewgeni B. StarikovDNA conductivity: our most recent resultspdf

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