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» conference organization   » 2013.06.19-20

venue:Toulouse, France
event:International Symposium "Single Molecular Machines and Motors"
organizers:CEMES, Toulouse, France
scope:The fields of molecular machines are currently very active because of their long term potential. The expected advantages of these bottom-up approaches are now well-known: ultimate size, possibility to design finely-tuned molecular devices, and their low energy consumption. In the constant quest for the miniaturization of machines and functional molecular devices, molecules are expected to play a major role since multistep chemical synthesis allows chemists to prepare tailor-made compounds with predetermined shape and programmed movement or functions. This has stimulated the design and synthesis of a variety of compounds that resemble macroscopic machinery. But the ultimate miniaturization of electronic and mechanic devices is reached only when addressing one single molecule and not a population of molecules in solution or on a surface. Therefore, operating at a single-molecular level is more important than working at a molecular scale. Artificial nanomachines have emerged as a new multidisciplinary field combining analytical techniques such as near-field microscopy which allows to image a single molecule, to study its motions and to manipulate it, but also multistep synthesis and theoretical chemistry. The molecule-surface symbiosis enable us to study how to guide and trigger complex molecular motions. This symposium will bring together researchers working on different strategies to synthetize and study single molecules displaying original mechanical and electronical properties at the nanometre or sub-nanometre scale. The objectives are to gather scientists from different communities (Physics, chemistry and theory), using different techniques and approaches involved in the most recent developments in all aspects of this field but also to foster young researchers (PhD and post-docs) towards this multidisciplinary approach. The symposium will be organized in series of lectures by senior scientists (45 min including questions) and shorter focused presentations selected among the participants (15 min including questions). All the contributions will be published in a book edited by Springer in the volume 7 of the series "Advances in Atom and Single Molecule Machines".

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