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» presentations   » 2008.10.12-14

Moletronics (invited talk)

G. Cuniberti

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Nanotechnology

2008.10.12-14; Leuven, Belgium

Progress in nanofabrication and scanning probe microscopy has triggered intensive academic research efforts into the preparation, characterization and modeling of molecular junctions, truly nanoscale devices where charge (and eventually net spin) currents could be injected into unimolecular electrical bridges.This emerging research field is shared by several traditional disciplines, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and even Biology due to, on one hand, the great need of exchanging crossdisciplinary know-how but also, on the other hand, because of fascinating common challenges. The latter are basically related to the search for novel strategies towards nanofabrication (such as selfassembly or biomimetic processes) and, as a consequence of that, to the possibility of controlling states of matter in the extreme limit of maximal electron confinement where quantum effects and new phenomena might arise already at room temperature. In this talk, I will shortly review the state-of-the-art of molecular nanoelectronics and illustrate related current activities in the field of Molecular Electronics at the Chair Materials Science and Nanotechnology of the Dresden University of Technology.

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