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» presentations   » 2010.12.09-10

Solution-based nanowire growth

A. Nerowski, M. Poetschke, M. Bobeth, W. Weber, G. Cuniberti

Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium - Werkstoffe der Energietechnik

2010.12.09-10; Hotel The Westin Bellevue, Dresden, Germany

In this work we aim at establishing a model for metallic nanowire growth from solution using dielectrophoresis. Employing this model we seek to identify the influence of setup parameters such as voltage, frequency, and concentration on the growth process. The theoretical investigations are supported by results from experiments on solutions of K2PtCl4, whose nonlinear dissociation scheme is part of our consideration. The ion transport velocity in non-uniform electric fields is a superposition of three physical contributions, the most dominant of which are expressed in a continuum description. Applying this model to semi-spherical nanowire tips enables the estimation of the steady-state concentration profile for each species within the solution. From these concentration profiles the nanowire growth velocity can be extracted.

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