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» presentations   » 2004.02.23-27

Quantum transport in multiterminal nanotube junctions

M. del Valle, C. Tejedor, and G. Cuniberti

Advances in Molecular Electronics: From molecular materials to single molecule devices

2004.02.23-27; Dresden, Germany

We present a systematic study of quantum transport through different carbon nanotube-based multiterminal junctions. For the two-terminal case we focus our study on functionalised and capped zig-zag nanotubes, in order to investigate the influence of surface and defect states of these leads in the transport properties of the system. Defect states are also observed in three-terminal junctions, where more interesting features show up. Fano-like resonaces are seen in transmission and can be tuned with an external gate voltage. A deeper insight into these phenomena is seeked using Green's function techniques at a tight-binding level.

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