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» presentations   » 2005.03.10-12

Spin transport in disordered single-wall carbon nanotubes

N. Ranjan, N. Nemec and G. Cuniberti

International Workshop on ``Spin Phenomena in Reduced Dimensions''

2005.03.10-12; Regensburg, Germany

The effects of vibrations on the linear conductance of single-wall carbon nanotubes can be described by the Anderson model of disorder [1]. Indeed, there are also indications that multi-wall carbon nanotubes effectively behave as a disordered single-wall system as far as transport properties are concerned [2]. With this motivation, we investigate spin transport in ferromagnetically contacted disordered single-wall carbon nanotubes (within the tight binding model) in the coherent regime. Different models for the ferromagnetic leads are employed ranging from wide-band leads to fcc(111) surfaces (as in the case of cobalt). Results as a function of disorder strength and Fermi energy in the leads are given for realistics tube lengths of several hundred nanometers.

[1] M. Gheorghe et. al, cond-mat/0411192, (2004).
[2] R. Egger and A. O. Gogolin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 066401 (2001).

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