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Environmental Nanotechnology

(Nadia Licciardello)


title:Environmental Nanotechnology
time frame:

New nanotechnology approaches are becoming everyday more important in the solution of environmental health-related issues. Cost-effective water cleaning is a significant challenge in this field. Due to their unique properties and versatility, adequately engineered nanomaterials are of crucial importance in such direction. Our team is focused on the development of properly functionalized nanomaterials for environmental applications. Water cleaning, especially from organic pollutants, metal ions and bacteria, are important challenges that we try to face. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles have a key role in the photocatalytic wastewater cleaning. Other nanoparticles, such as gold or silver ones, can be exploited in sensing and water cleaning applications thanks to their plasmonic properties. Our recent work focuses on different kinds of nanomaterials for different purposes. We focused on titanium dioxide based nanocomposites for photocatalytic wastewater cleaning, functionalized gold nanoparticles for metals sensing, polymeric microspheres for pollutants removal, but also on anti-icing surfaces based on pyroelectric materials. We would like to improve the efficiency of visible-light-driven photocatalysis for the cost-effective treatment of wastewater (titanium dioxide nanocomposites), to increase the sensitivity of metal sensors (properly engineered gold nanoparticles), to have versatile stimuli-responsive and recyclable materials for water cleaning (polymeric microspheres), to design appropriate reactors and parameters for photocatalysis and to reduce the formation of ice on large surfaces (e. g. airport runways) by using pyroelectric materials.

people involved:

Hoai Nga Le (design and study of photocatalytic reactors)
Hagen Eckert (modelling for photocatalysis)
Jonas Jung (gold nanoparticles for metal ions sensing)
Phil Goldberg (pyroelectric materials for anti-icing surfaces)
Jiao Wang (polymeric magnetic microspheres for water cleaning)
Florian Gamaleja (titanium oxide nanocomposites)
Anamaria Batae (titanium oxide nanocomposites)

Former members:
Dr. Anja Blüher
Dr. Annegret Benke
Sara Teixeira

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