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NanoBio Sensorics

(Larysa Baraban)


title:NanoBio Sensorics
time frame:

The progress in molecular biology in the last fifteen years has lead to the development of integrating biological structures into technical systems. Especially applications in medicine and bioprocess engineering will profit from this development. In future, the integration of biological structures in electronic and packaging technology will be established.
A new group of young scientists (InnovaSens) funded by the European Union (ESF) develops an innovative biosensor concept based on semiconductor and metallic nanowires. The successful development of this kind of bio-sensor technology needs the detailed understanding of different nano- and microscopic physical, chemical and biological aspects. This comprises nanowire growth, sensor integration, and electrical verification as well as the biochemical coating and the characterization of receptor-biomolecule interactions. Furthermore, the understanding of the molecular binding mechanisms and the influence of the chemical and biological functionalization on the electronic structure will be studied by experiments and simulations.
The main research and teaching activities are focused on concepts, quantitative methods and experiments for understanding and mastering truly nanoscale phenomena. Bottom-up patterning, nanotechnology as well as plasmonics are the key issues of our fundamental investigations aiming at developing non conventional strategies for producing and exploiting new sensor devices and biomaterials.

people involved:
Alexander Nerowski - Nanowire growth from solution with dielectrophoresis
Sebastian Pregl - Silicon nanowire based field effect sensor-fabrication
Lotta Römhildt - Biochemical functionalization techniques for silicon-based nanostructures
Claudia Kühn - Identification of receptors and analytes for nanowire based biosensors
Anja Wadewitz - Imaging of single molecules on silicon
Felix Zörgiebel - Electronic properties of silicon nanowire based FET biosensors
Dr. Daijiro Nozaki - Multiscale modeling of nanowire based FETs

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