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Tuesday, 11 May 2004
(at 14:00 in room Phy 4.1.13)
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DNA: May the repository of genetic information become a useful material in molecular electronics? (1/2)

Anna Garbesi

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
CNR - Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity

First of two lectures with following content:

  1. The "educated guess" of J. Watson and F. Crick (1953) and the first single-crystal X-ray structure (1980)
  2. Polymorphism of DNA double helices: B-, A- and Z-type structures.
  3. The specificity of natural bases pairing as a designer/building tool
  4. Beyond the double helix by "sticky" guanosine self-assembly: quadruple helices and planar ribbons
  5. Long distance charge transport through DNA oligonucleotides in aqueous buffer solution
  6. DNA enters the material world: the early suggestion of D. Eley and D. Spivey (1962) and the present wealth of experiments
  7. DNA as a scaffold for organizing and interconnecting electronic components into nanoelectronic circuits: self-assembly of an electronic device into a test tube
  8. "Dry" DNA as a conductive wire. Selected exemples of the many, conflicting reports
  9. AFM images of "dried" DNA and Guanosine quadruple helix
second lecture

Invited by G. Cuniberti (MC seminar)

Within the Vielberth Foundation visiting program

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