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TU Dresden » Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering » Institute for Materials Science » Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Thursday, 01 November 2018
(at 13:00 in room 115, Hallwachsstr. 3)
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Engineering and device applications of organic and inorganic 2D materials

Prof. Dr. Andrey Turchanin

Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Two-dimensional (2D) materials like graphene, molecular nanosheets, transition metal dihalcogenides or hBN have attached an enormous interest of physicists, material scientists, chemists and engineers due to their unique properties and potential for future disruptive technologies. However, the main challenges are remaining to be their scalable growth with well-defined properties, technologically relevant processing into devices and device integration. In this talk, I will present an overview of our work on these topics. I will show several methods to grow 2D materials and to engineer their vertical and lateral heterostructures, and their characterization down to the atomic scale. The examples will include such 2D materials like graphene, carbon nanomembranes, MoS2, WS2 and organic semiconductor nanosheets. Moreover, I will demonstrate device applications of these materials with a focus on the field-effect transistors for chemical and biosensing.

Invited by G. Cuniberti

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