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TU Dresden » Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering » Institute for Materials Science » Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Ana Silva

Dresden University of Technology

s-mail:Institute for Materials Science and Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials
Dresden University of Technology
01062 Dresden

phone:+49 (0)351 463-31420 (use real names!)

Brief Bio:

1. Professional motto?
I think being in another country to study / work is an asset to a professional future, as there is a possibility to meet other work environments, new methods and new studies.

2. Most important professional achievement?
The most important for my professional achievement is working with a research group, learn new laboratory techniques and develop the ability to be autonomous.

3. Personal motto?
Studying in another country associated back its numerous opportunities, whether in work, whether by life experience. That was my main personal motivation.

4. Dream Vacation?
y dream vacation is relaxing and idyllic locations such as Hawaii or the French Polynesia. But I also like historical and romantic places like Venice..

5. I'm looking forward to have good results in my master's thesis, and then find work within the chair.

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