The International Workshop on Environmental Nanotechnology (Amasing 2013)

This scientific workshop is being launched on the back of the overwhelming success of the first international AMASING 2012 workshop and features a wealth of exciting topics from the area of nanotechnology and environmental science. It provides a unique platform for effective information transmission and establishing contacts with scientists in the fields of nanotechnology and environmental science. It will cover recent developments in the area of environmental technologies and health care revolving around nanotechnology.

Areas covered:

  • Applications of Nanotechnology for the Environment
  • Fate and Toxicity of Nanoparticles in the Environment
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems – MEMS for Applications in Health Care
  • Silicon Nanowire in Instrumental Medical Diagnosis
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials suitable for bio-medical applications
  • Applications of Coated TiO2 in the Field of Disinfection
  • Preparation of Nano TiO2
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Gas Sensors Using Oxide Nanowire Networks
  • Monitoring Using Sensors with Coated TiO2
  • Coating Process Applied for Sensor Technology

Invited Speakers (to be confirmed)

Meyya Meyyappan (USA) Robert Metzger (USA) Jong-Heun Lee (Korea)
Martin Mkandawire (Canada) Ron Naaman (Israel) Claudia Gomez de la Rocha (Brasil)
Michael Stintz (Germany) Wolfgang M. Samhaber (Austria) Gerald Gerlach (Germany)
Ricardo Herbe Cruz Estrada (Mexico) Alicja Bachmatiuk (Poland) Nguyen Van Hieu (Vietnam)
Ho Si Thoang (Vietnam) Dang Mau Chien (Vietnam) Vu Ngoc Hung (Vietnam)
Nguyen Duc Chien (Vietnam) Le Minh Duc (Vietnam) Tran Quoc Tien (Vietnam)
Doan Thi Thu Loan (Vietnam) Phan Dinh Tuan (Vietnam) Dang Kim Chi (Vietnam)
Vu Quoc Trung (Vietnam) Le Thi Hoai Nam (Vietnam) Trinh Quang Thong (Vietnam)
Rüdiger Iden (Germany) Marta Kruszynska (Germany)

Submission of Abstracts:

Authors are requested to submit a one-page abstract as a Microsoft WORD document format via e-mail to
The deadline for abstract submission is: January 30th 2013

The abstract must consist of one page of text (arial ft size 12) including figures. It must include the paper title, the authors’ names (including co-authors) and affiliation(s). The abstract should contain only one figure. Accepted abstracts will be reproduced in the workshop abstract book exactly as received.

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Author:Alexander Götze

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General chair:
Prof. Dr. Gianaurelio Cuniberti
Dr. Klaus Kühn
Dr. Nguyen Minh Tan
Dr. M. H. Rümmeli

Local chair:
Tran Van Nam
Doan Quang Vinh
Le Quang Nam
Nguyen Van Hieu
Trinh Quang Thong

Date: 18th March - 23th March 2013

Place: Da Nang, Vietnam

Contact: Brief EMail

Financial support: