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CNM equipment




Fluorescence microscope upright fluorescence microscope, imaging software cellSens Entry V. 1.5 (Olympus)
Olympus [more...]
»in use since 2011.09.28, HAL 004 ()«
Low-Temperatur STM/AFM atomic scale imaging and manipulation of single molecules on metallic and semiconducting surfaces under UHV conditions at 5 K
Createc Fischer & Co. GmbH [more...]
»in use since 2010.05.31, MBZ 005 ()«
Laser Lithography System Laser Lithography System
Heidelberg Instruments Heidelberg Instruments [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.01, MBZ ()«
HPC-Cluster HPC-Cluster
IBM [more...]
»in use since 2010.04.01, ZIH ()«
computational lab computational lab for teaching and self-learning: 9 students PCs, 1 teacher PC, 1 projector
DELL [more...]
»in use since 2007.10.15, HAL 119 ()«
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
JEOL Germany GmbH [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.16, HAL ()«
Oven system Oven system
Nabertherm GmbH [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.01, HAL ()«
Turbopump Turbopumpstand and SingleGauge Vacuum Equipment
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.01, HAL ()«
Impedance Spectrometer Impedance Spectrometer
INPHAZE Pty Ltd [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.01, MBZ ()«
SPR-Spectrometer SPR-Spectrometer
Fraunhofer IWS [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.01, MBZ ()«
Scientific-grade Spectrometer Scientific-grade Spectrometer
Ocean Optics [more...]
»in use since 2009.06.01, MBZ ()«
LF-workstations 4 Lab workstations with wafer cleaning facilities; Cleaning, etching, Ultrasonic annealing, spin coating on Si and glass wafers
Stangl Semiconductor Equipment AG (Nasschemische Arbeitsplätze) [more...]
»in use since 2002.05.27, MBZ ()«
Ultracentrifuge Optima-Max up to 130.000 rpm, Temperature variation 0-40°C, with vacuum facilities (up to 10 mbar)
Beckman Coulter Ultracentrifuge [more...]
»in use since 2000, MBZ ()«
Digital Instruments/ Nano Scope Controller AFM, SPM, magnetic Forces and Fields , friction, adhesion
Digital Instruments (Santa Barbara, US) [more...]
»in use since 1996, MBZ ()«
optical tweezers Manipulation of nanoparticles
Laser Quantum Manchester UK optical tweezer / Forte 1064 [more...]
»in use since 2001, MBZ ()«
Argon-Ion-Laser / diode pumped Diode pumped with coherent green light (532 nm), wavelength = 700-1000 nm, short pulse option (nano sec., femto sec.)
Coherent Argon-Ion-Laser/ Mira 900 [more...]
»in use since 2000 (Model from 1992), MBZ ()«
AFM with integrated fluorescence microscope AFM
Zeiss Axiovert 100 M [more...]
»in use since 2004.08.24????, MBZ 002 ()«
Table centrifuge Centrifugation up to 80.000g, acceleration control, temperature variation between 5-40°C
Heraeus Table centrifuge [more...]
»in use since 2001, MBZ ()«
Mivitec – Biosuplar 3 Spectrometer, Surface Plasmon Resonance, marker free detection of protein
Mivitec SPR-Spectrometer [more...]
»in use since 2005, MBZ ()«
Suss Microtec – Maskaligner MJB4 Exposure of 4" wafer with 320 nm wavelength light; 4 vacuum concat cards; Mask monitoring on TFT-Display
Suss Microtec Maskaligner MJB4 [more...]
»in use since 2005, MBZ ()«
Zeiss, Photometrics – Axiovert 200M, Cascade 512B Microscope – Fluorescence imaging with 4 color filters; Micro-manipulation with capillaries; Camera - 16Bit Images, 512x512 Pixel, Peltier cooling
Microscope: Zeiss; Camera: Photometrics Fluorescence microscope [more...]
»in use since 2004, MBZ ()«
Scanning tunneling microscope imaging (atomic resolution), surface manipulations
Omicron GMBH [more...]
»in use since , HAL ()«
Solid state YAG laser Thin film deposition
»in use since , HAL ()«
Laser scanning microscope Fluorescence and confocal microscopy
Carl Zeiss [more...]
»in use since , HAL ()«
UHV deposition chamber Thin film deposition
»in use since , HAL ()«
Fluorescence spectrometer Absorption spectrum measurement
Varian Inc. [more...]
»in use since , HAL ()«
Mini sprayer Powder manufacturing
»in use since , HAL ()«
Olympus microscope Stereo microscope
Carl Zeiss [more...]
»in use since , HAL ()«

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