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» funding   » Immune activity mapping of carbon nanomaterials (CarboIMmap)

Immune activity mapping of carbon nanomaterials (CarboIMmap)

(Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) H2020 - MSCA - RISE - 2016)

title: Immune activity mapping of carbon nanomaterials (CarboIMmap)
agency:European Union
time frame:2017-2021
web page:


The research objective of the CarboIMmap is to develop, optimize and apply a functional pipeline based on computational model and high-throughput techniques to describe the immune activity of carbon based nanomaterials (CBMs). The proposed tools will enable new approaches to the development of new CBMs for nanomedicine applications, specifically with respect to characterization of the immunomodulatory intrinsic properties of the materials in relation to the tailoring of their physico-chemical parameters. This program involves key participation by young researchers with exceptional scientific backgrounds and accomplishments, and will provide strong support for the development of their careers. The project is driven by knowledge exchange and the expertise of an interdisciplinary team comprised of early-stage and experienced researchers from international Universities and Research Centers, which will provide an effective intersectorial dimension toward the broadest impact of the project. Complementary research programs, ranging from nanomaterial design and engineering and molecular modeling to immunogenomics, bioinformatics, and immunology will support each step of the developmental and applicative parts of the project towards achievement of the objectives. The program enables long-term, transformative research collaborations that is contributing to the integration and collaboration of research groups of four European Countries (Germany, Italy, France and Spain) and three key non-EU Countries: USA, China and Qatar.

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