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Friday, 20 August 2021

Mercator-fellow Prof. Dr. Vladimiro Mujica

Prof. Mujica has visited us from June 23 to August 20, 2021 in the framework of the Mercator Fellowship Programm from the German Research Foundation


Prof. Dr. Vladimiro Mujica has a strong and world-recognized experience in quantum-transport at the molecular and nanoscale. He received his PhD thesis in 1985 at Uppsala University (Sweden). He did then his first post- doctoral stay with Professor Abraham the School of Chemistry, University of Tel-Aviv (Israel) and was also later on visiting professor at the University of Tel Aviv, Professor of Chemistry at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and Research Professor at the Northwestern University at the grop of Prof. Mark Ratner, whose ground breaking paper in 1974 together with Ari Aviram created the basis of what nowadays is called molecular electronics, a fascinating field rapidly developing since the eraly 90s, and where Prof. Mujica has strongly contributed over the years. In 2009 he then joined the faculty at Arizona State University.
His research is centered on modeling the behavior of complex physical and chemical systems, in particular, the description of quantum effects in the emerging behavior of systems of nanoscopic dimensions. His areas of interest include
electron transport in molecule-electrode interfaces,electron transfer, Nanophotonics, Nanomagnetism, quantum relaxation theory. During his stay, Prof. Mujica worked in the problem of spin-selective transport in helical molecules and on designing phononic filters at the atomistic level.

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