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» presentations   » 2005.06.26-30

Defective transport properties of three-terminal carbon nanotube junctions

M. del Valle, C. Tejedor, and G. Cuniberti

CCTN'05: Computational Challenges and Tools for Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube'05

2005.06.26-30; Gothenburg, Sweden

We investigate the transport properties of different carbon nanotube based heterojunctions in three-terminal configurations. Semi-infinite carbon nanotubes model the nanoelectrodes, which are interconnected by introducing nonhexagonal polygons in the molecular network. By studying a fairly wide class of junctions, we can extract dependencies between the localized states emerging from the introduction of network defects and the behaviour of the conductance. In particular, we have shown that Fano resonances emerge as a natural result of the interference between defective states and the extended continuum background. As a consequence, the currents through the junctions hitting these resonant states might experience variations on a relevant scale.

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