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Tuesaday, 09 March 2004
(at 14:00 in room H36)
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Manipulation of large molecules by low temperature STM: model systems for molecular electronics

Francesca Moresco

Institut für Experimentalphysik
FU Berlin

The ability of Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope to manipulate atoms and to build nanostructures with atomic precision can be extended to the manipulation of larger molecules and to selectively modify their internal degrees of freedom. Manipulation experiments on individual molecules show an exciting diversity of physical, chemical, and electronic phenomena. They permit a deeper insight into the quantum electronics of molecular systems and provide important information on the conformational and mechanical properties of single complex molecules.
In this talk, some examples of recent manipulation experiments performed on single molecules will be presented: The principle of a conformational molecular switch have been realized under the action of the STM-tip, the small intramolecular changes inside a complex molecule have be recorded giving information on the internal mechanics of the molecule, and the electronic contact between a molecular wire and a metallic nanoelectrode have been investigated with atomic precision.

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Within the DPG Frühjahrstagung 2004 (German Physical Society, Spring Meeting 2004)

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